Stop Wasting Energy: Top 10 Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home

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When we say that we are a part of nature, we better believe what we say. Being a part of nature means that you have to understand the repercussions of your actions. Reckless actions call for reckless consequences which have to be borne not only by you, but also by the future generation and the environment. A lot has been said about what we can do to conserve energy and save tons of money on our power bills, but how many of us really give it some afterthought?

Saving energy does not mean that you become vocal only in the company of eco-enthusiasts, but also make your home a haven which uses less energy and wastes less energy too. The top 10 gadgets, which can be bought using your Indiaplaza Coupons and can help you achieve this feat, are as follows:

1. Automatic Radiator Bleeder – this gadget is definitely for keeps. When you use this gadget in your home, you ensure that the built-up air in the radiator is released. As a result you get centralized heating which is more efficient, hot water and heating bills which are greatly reduced. Bleeding radiators manually can be a messy job to do; hence this gadget is akin to a life-saver.

2. Eco Flap – the letterbox can make for a lot of draught and to reduce the chances of this happening, you can use a flap, much like an eco flap, which can seal the flap on your letterbox to keep the cold air out. In return for this, you get to save a lot on your heating bills.

3. Radiator Foil – this is a must have for your home ad you would agree too if you knew that the heat which is released by the radiator is absorbed by the walls of your house. If you want to put an end to this, installing a radiator foil is just what you need. The radiator foil helps the heat to be reflected into the room and as a result of this you can enjoy a warmer home.

4. Freeloader – we know that electricity is needed to charge all our devices and gadgets we have, and what better option do you have if you have a freeloader which can be used to charge all these gadgets you use, using the rays of the sun. The internal battery of the freeloader can be used to recharge the most common gadgets like iPods, mobiles etc.

5. Home Energy Monitor – just to know that you have appliances which are costing you and the environment is not enough, you must know which gadget or device is burning a hole, literally and figuratively, in your pocket and the environment. A home energy monitor helps you do just that. It can help you find out just which appliances or gadgets are the culprits when it comes to your scaling power bills.

6. Thermostat – as you already know, thermostats are designed in a way which can help you adjust the heating and the cooling needs of your home and the other family members. Programmable thermostats are owned by many households, but they are hardly used, however with automatic thermostats, you can be relieved as they can sense the temperature at which you are comfortable and easily adjust themselves.

7. Tankless Water Heater – there is hardly anything as relaxing as a hot shower, but it can also drain your money on your power bills. Using a tankless water heater ensures that you have only the amount of water you need heated in the tank. Compared to the earlier versions of the water heater, where water would be heated and stored regardless of use, these modern tankless ones give you the option of saving while you take a shower.

8. Front-loading Washing Machines – this is a common appliance that can be bought using Indiaplaza Coupons and can save you loads on power bills. The front-loading machines are a front-runner when it comes to saving energy because they not only save your power bills but also water. Compared to our older models of washing machines, these help us to save up to a few gallons of water. Sonic Soak is the newest evolution in washing technology that utilizes ultrasonic technology to result in a deeper clean, saved time, water and energy, all in a compact package that can be taken anywhere.

9. Ambient Light Sensor Television – if you want up to 30% of energy conservation while you watch television, these new-age televisions are something to look forward to. They not only help you in saving money, but also come with light sensors which adjust the backlight to make it more soothing for the eyes of the people watching television in a room. Reducing eye strain is an added feature.

10. Shower Timer – Just having a tankless water heater might not be enough to save on electricity bills and if you want your children to grow better habits while they still can, opting for a shower timer might help. This will help you to teach them how they can spend lesser time in the showers and save power and water. A low flowing shower head can be a further step.

With these innovative yet affordable devices and gadgets, you can combat the soaring power bills and spare a thought for the environment also.

About the Author

Maxwell cares about the environment and does what he can to cut down on power usage like turning off lights when not in the room and switching to LED bulbs when the CFL ones are burnt out.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.