How to Develop an Artificial Intelligence Software Program for your Specific Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an opportunity for businesses to leverage information from consumer groups to improve products, the brand in general and service. Creating company-specific intelligence programs helps return specific, brand-centric information regarding consumer perception, consumer satisfaction, product satisfaction/popularity and other essential pieces of data. It is important to create a systematic process, while testing [...]

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Dissected Four Main Components Of 3D Games Production

The stages of a film production are well determined. Development of games also follows the same process. Essentially, four main components

Rock Their Socks Off: 10 Gift Inspirations That Techies Would Love

Tis the season to be giving! Now that Christmas is approaching, I've been hearing everyone around me asking, "Have you gotten your Playstation 4 yet?" and "Are you getting the XBOX One before the PS4?" Granted, these two tops the list of must-have gifts this year-end, but I think these consoles can wait. If you [...]

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Cyber Security: Who’s Watching You Online and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

As you surf through the Internet, browsing stores, chatting with friends, reserving a few books at the library and paying your bills, followers lurk in the digital shadows behind you. When you think about who is watching you online, you may picture your creepy neighbor, your ex-boyfriend or the cute guy from work who has [...]

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Stop Wasting Energy: Top 10 Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home

When we say that we are a part of nature, we better believe what we say. Being a part of nature means that you have to understand the repercussions of your actions. Reckless actions call for reckless consequences which have to be borne not only by you, but also by the future generation and the [...]

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The Modern Gaming PC vs. Next-Generation Consoles

They are finally here— the PlayStation 4 released last Friday with much hype and the Xbox One makes its debut this Friday. The gaming community frantically rushes to get their hands on the new hardware. Bloggers, reviewers and tech heads are stacking every last detail of the new Xbox and PlayStation against each other, but [...]

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