How to Find the Right TV Wall Mount Needed

Shopping for a new TV? Most televisions on the market these days are flat screen and many people mount their TVs on the wall. If you have never owned a flat screen TV, you might wonder what type of wall mount to purchase. Mounts come in many shapes, sizes and types, so buying one can be confusing. This article will describe the different types of mounts available and how they work to position your TV on the wall.


While there are many TV mounts on the market, they can be categorized into a few different types:

Fixed Mount: This type of mount is designed to hold a TV flat against the wall. The TV stays in one spot with no tilting or swiveling once it is installed. Fixed TV mounts are often designed to be slim and low profile so that the TV stays as flush to the wall as possible. These mounts can hold larger, heavier TVs, up to about 280 pounds. Fixed TV mounts are available for all different sizes of TVs.

Tilt Mount: A tilt TV mount allows the TV to tilt up or down about 15 degrees. This type of mount allows the TV to be installed higher on the wall, near the ceiling. The TV can then be tilted so that the screen is clearly visible from the area below. This type of mount is not as sturdy as a fixed mount, but can still hold TVs up to about 165 pounds.

Swivel Arm Mount: This type of mount allows the TV to be moved into different positions on the wall so that the TV can be viewed from many different areas of the room. A swivel arm mount allows the TV to be pulled out from the wall and adjusted from side to side. While very versatile, a swivel arm or articulating arm mount can only be used with smaller TVs as the weight limit on this type of mount is about 65 pounds.

Full Motion Mount: The full motion mount allows the TV to be moved up and down as well as side to side. This is the most versatile type of mount available and allows the TV to be moved into just about any position the viewer wants. Some full motion mounts are designed similarly to swivel arm mounts, allowing the TV to be pulled out from the wall. These mounts support lighter weight TVs. Full motion mounts are also available for larger, heavier TVs. These mounts are designed similarly to a tilt mount but with a side to side swivel component added.

All of the mounts described above are easy to install and most come with either a built-in or magnetic level to assist with correct installation. Regardless of the size and weight of the TV you own, you will be able to find the TV wall mount that is right for you.

Make sure you shop around for the perfect wall mount and do not settle on one just because it is convenient or looks nice.  Look for strength and durability in TV wall mounts.

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Michael Alvarez,  has been working in the electronics and technology field for over 20 years.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise of wall mount TV’s with others; while continuing to grow his knowledge.

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