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Kindle Fire HDX Cases for Any Budget

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

The Kindle Fire HDX is an amazing tablet and one of the fantastic things that was announced and released along side it is the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Standing Leather Origami Case which allows for all sorts of creative stand options.


The problem is the leather Origami case is $64.99 which is almost 1/3 the cost of the Kindle Fire HDX 7″ itself, so many people who are on a budget and chose the Kindle Fire HDX because of it’s low price will be looking for low priced Kindle Fire HDX Cases instead.

Amazon Polyurethane Origami Case

$15 cheaper than the Leather Origami Case the polyurethane case still gives you the flexibility of the Origami case at a slightly reduced cost.  It also comes in green and purple which the leather case does not come in.

Otterbox Defender Case for Kindle Fire HDX

For those needing a case that is very sturdy, and impact/damage resistant the OtterBox Defender Standing Case for Kindle Fire HDX 7″ should do very well for them. This case I has a form-fitted design that allows access to all ports/buttons and does not block speakers.  It is literally a shield for your Kindle Fire HDX that protects it and is ideal if you have kids that are prone to dropping or banging it, or if you take the Kindle Fire HDX to a job site outdoors where it needs to be more rugged.  It isn’t cheap though and is slightly more than the leather Origami case.

Marware Origin Cover for Kindle Fire HDX


I actually own 2 Marware Kindle Fire cases for my 1st Generation Kindle Fires and can tell you that for the price they get the job done.  They only let it fold and stand in horizontal mode, but if you just need a basic protective case that closes and stays closed magnetically then at less than $20 this is a great low cost Kindle Fire HDX case with no frills but all your basic case needs. It also comes in 5 colors.

i-BLASON Kindle Fire HDX 7 inch Tablet Leather Case


Here is a case that you can get behind, this is the i-BLASON Kindle Fire HDX 7 inch Tablet Leather Case and it has some unique features like a 2 card holder and a handle so that you can slide your hand in and securely hold your Kindle Fire HDX with one hand.  It comes in 12 colors/pattern options and this is ideal if you like just taking your Kindle Fire with you when you go to the park or out to a quick place and you need no more than your ID and 1 credit card or ID and a library card for example.  You can leave the purse or wallet at home.  The case also includes a stylus slot and is an all purpose great case that can be had for only $9.99 making it probably the best best feature for the price Kindle Fire HDX case.  Also with an average 4.5 star review and over 415 reviews on Amazon it has a good reputation for a case.

Supcase Zebra Black Kindle Fire HDX Case


For someone who wants a cheap case that is under $10 and has basic functionality but you have to have Zebra print, then the Supcase Zebra Black Leather case would fit nicely as your Kindle Fire HDX accessory.  No wallet slots, and horizontal stand only, but it does come with a hand strap for 1 handed holding.


MoKo Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 Case


For those wanting a cheetah print, the MoKo Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 Case comes in a variety of patterns and colors including the Cheetah print, it also is a horizontal only case but auto shuts off and wakes the Kindle when closed/opened.  It also has a hand strap, and only costs $7.99.

INVELLOP Cover case for Kindle Fire HDX

Finally as the least expensive option for a decent case you can get the INVELLOP Cover case for Kindle Fire HDX for only $4.99 right now at the time of this post and it is your basic horizontal stand case with a hand grip and magnetic stripe for auto powering off the device.  It is a great bang for the buck case and if you only have a few dollars left after buying your Kindle Fire HDX but you still want a case for it, then this $4.99 case may be the right one for you.

So although you get an amazing amount of stand options with the touted Kindle Fire Origami cases, for those who need a case on a budget or a different type of case the ones outlined in this article should help you.  Good luck on your hunt for a Kindle Fire HDX case and if you decide to purchase on of the ones showcased here, which one are you going to get?

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

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