November $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

In keeping with the monthly giveaways that I am doing as part of using Incentivibe which lets you giveaway $500 prizes for $25 per month, I decided to make the November offering the $500 Amazon Gift Card which I think is very appropriate just before the holidays and is enough that the winner would be able to buy an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 starter bundle.  So because Incentivibe can’t let me pick an actual PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console, I am basically offering out this prize and letting the entrants know this is your chance to win enough money to fund your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One purchase and receive it before the holidays if you win.

It takes only a few seconds to enter and the odds may be a long shot, but someone will be the lucky winner of a $500 Amazon Gift Card and get the prize cash to get something great!

Enter to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card

What will you buy if you win the November $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway?

I can tell you if I was an entrant, it would be a PlayStation 4 starter bundle for sure.

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