Vtech InnoTab 3 Baby Tablet Review

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I recently got a chance to try out the InnoTab 3 tablet by VTech. I had no idea what was to expect but boy were my kids excited when it got here.

The InnoTab 3 Baby Tablet comes filled with lots of fun activities, games and videos as well as 1 free downloadable game that help teach shapes, numbers, an e-reader and more. The tablet comes with a protective case that helps protect it against the abuse a younger child can do to it and it is chunky and easy to grab and perfect for babies. As the child grows you can then remove the case and you are left with a thin tablet. This has been perfect as my 3 year old can damage pretty much everything and trust me, this tablet has been under some massive abuse and it still looks brand new and works great.


The tablet features a high quality 4.3″ color touch screen and it comes with a chunky stylus attached to the outer case that is great for little hands and it wont get lost. There is also a small stylus inside the tablet itself for when they are older.  The camera has a 180-degree rotating 2.0 MP camera/video recorder in the tablet.  My kids love taking selfies and sneaking pictures of their stuffed animals and make movies. It also comes with a comes with an MP3 player and 12 build-in songs. There are 18 total apps including some fun drawing ones that both my boys love playing with.  My 5 year old loves the math app the most as this is what he has been doing the most in school. 

The tables uses 4 AA batteries (not included). I highly suggest purchasing a good set of rechargeable batteries to save money, as your child may never want to put this down.  The VTech InnoTab 3 Baby Tablet is however compatible with AC adapter that you can purchase separately.  I also love the covers for the batteries. Some things make you unscrew tint screws or other awkward things but this one allows you to just push a button and pull the cover off at the same time. So it is both easy for the adult and child proof. 


One of the best features is that you can personalize and track progress online. Even though there is a 2GB memory included, you can download and save pictures and movies your children make. Just because there is the word baby in the title, this tablet is great for older children as well. You can purchase games online or through stores like Walmart. They have downloadable games or cartridges.

For more information check out their site HERE

  • Tablet designed to grow with your child
  • Baby-safe case protects against drops, dribbles & drool
  • 180 degree rotating camera with over 55 fun photo effects
  • Includes the InnoTab 3 tablet inside the protective case
  • Teaches Baby Sign language, shapes, language arts, math, creative play, reading and more!
  • 18 apps included (17 apps for French)


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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.