Gary’s Mod Article #3 – Prop Hunt!


Prop Hunt is another game mode that brings loads of people together and offers a great multiplayer experience for all to enjoy. Prop Hunt works a bit like hide and seek but virtual and with Hunters and Props! Essentially the idea is very simple however the game really is fun when playing and could easily see hours fly bye. In Prop Hunt there is a team of hunters and a team of props which is chosen every round, when you join the game you will select one of the two teams and each round the teams roles will swap so one round prop then the next as hunter and so on.


Why Is Hide And Seek On Prop Hunt So Much Fun?

The reason for it being so fun is due to the fact that when the round starts the props can scour the map looking for any prop to choose from, this could range from a simple barrel to an orange lying on the floor. The other feature is depending on the size of the prop you choose your maximum health will vary so if you’re a barrel for example you would have a far larger max health compared to the orange because of the fact that the orange is much harder to see. Once you choose your ideal prop you then should find a suitable place to hide before the hunters blindfolds are removed. The best places to hide are with other items of the same kind so for instance if you hide as an orange it is ideal to hide in with other orange objects to create a better disguise when the hunters are searching for you. A hunter can tell which item is a prop and which item in inanimate by trying to push the object. If it moves it’s inanimate and if it doesn’t then it’s a disguised prop!


A round typically lasts for roughly ten minutes but more often than not, props get found before the time limit runs out due to the number of hunters searching and also the positions in which props hide in. If you want to play the game simply go onto Gary’s Mod and look for the game mode prop hunt, this game mode is incredibly popular so finding a server should be no problem for you. If you want to see some gameplay be sure to check below for my gameplay!

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