God Mode The Hidden Windows 8 Feature

So, we all may have differing opinions about what Microsoft operating system is our favorite. Windows 8 is not mine. But, that is not the subject of this review. Instead, I stumbled upon something while looking for something totally different, and decided to share it with you.

You see, I have found that Windows 8 does not like the Kindle Fire. It doesn’t like many Android devices that I have plugged in, as the drivers are not quite right. So I went to Goggle, and tried to see if it was possible to run Windows 8 as if it was Windows 7. No luck, but as I said, I stumbled on something interesting.

It is called God Mode, and it sounded tempting so I tried it. It is very simple, and easy to do, and it wont mess anything up. What is even better, is that there are only 2 steps to follow.

Unlock God Mode in Windows 8

1. Create a new folder on your desktop. It is as easy as “right” clicking on the desktop, choosing “New” from the menu, and then “folder.

2. once you have the new folder, it will usually say, “new folder” as it’s name, and it can be changed quickly. Just copy and paste and paste the following: God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

clip_image002Once you have done this, and hit enter, you will see that the folder icon has changed to the following.

clip_image004Now, when you open the icon, you will see links to nearly every system setting that you can imaging all in one spot. There isn’t anything here that you can’t find elsewhere, but with this one icon, you will no longer have to spend endless amounts of time looking, it’s all at your fingertips waiting to be accessed.

I still haven’t found a good way to get my Kindle Fire drivers to work the way I want them to under Windows 8, but this discovery is at least something worth sharing. I hope you find it as useful as I have, and who knows, you too may stumble upon something interesting if you spend just a few minutes looking for something else.

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