A Good Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

With more and more people cutting the cable or satellite bill and using internet streaming media to replace traditional television you need something that allows you to quickly and easily navigate a PC dedicated as your Internet TV streaming device but as convenient as a traditional cable remote control.

This is where the FAVI Entertainment Wireless Keyboard comes into play, with this incredible pocket sized fully Qwerty keyboard and touchpad device you can basically have full keyboard + mouse functionality in a device only slightly bigger than a large TV Remote.

A device like this makes dedicating a laptop or media PC with a Veebeam HD device easy to navigate and convenient.  One of my biggest complaints about the Roku devices was trying to type in searches for movies or TV Shows with a tiny remote incapable of providing letters but manually scrolling to find the letter of choice one by one.

The FAVI Entertainment Wireless Keyboard also has fully illuminated keys so you can find and type exactly what you are looking for in a completely dark room.

This device has over 353 5 star reviews on Amazon.com and uses lithium ion batteries so it stays charged for long periods of time.  The 2.4Ghz USB Wireless receiver also works for up to 30 meters so you can have your PC or laptop tucked away a fair distance from your big screen TV and still navigate and surf with ease.

If you are looking to leverage your PC or Laptop to stream all the Internet content you want to watch on your TV then I highly recommend the Veebeam HD and FAVI Entertainment Wireless Keyboard the combination are essential!

The Veebeam HD lets you stream anything in a browser directly to your TV wirelessly, it acts like a wireless projector for anything you watch or visit on your PC.  With it, you can simply load YouTube, Free Hulu, or any other movie watching site and just stream it to your TV.  It has full 1080p support and works very well for putting your computer browser screen on the TV screen.  The Veebeam HD supports HDMI, Optical Audio output and Composite video for those without HD televisions.

One note, you can’t stream video games as there is a 2 second lag on the streaming which is fine for watching movies and browsing the web but makes games unplayable over the Veebeam HD media solution.

-Dragon Blogger

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