The Google Fiber Revolution: Fastest Internet Speeds in Existence?

It’s now time for the next big step in internet connection speeds. Some still find it hard to believe that, with the 5Mbps average in America, we started at only 56 Kbps on those old dial-up modems. Making an even more impressive jump in speed, Google Fiber’s fiberoptic internet now boasts speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second!

My first thought when it comes to ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and connection speeds is of the ever increasing costs for faster and faster internet. My own provider charges around $40/month for up to 6Mbps for basic high-speed. If you want to switch to the new Optik Internet prices start at around $55 for up to 25Mbps but you’re required to bundle that with TV service. In other words, I could never afford 1Gbps through my current provider.

Google Fiber has 3 internet packages. The first, and cheapest, option is actually free! There would be a 1-time installation fee of $300, or $25 for the first 12 months, but once that is paid you would have access to up to 5Mbps download speed or 1Mbps upload speed, the current average speed, for at least 7 years with no additional costs. Package 2 offers 1Gbps for download and upload, no data caps, and a 1Terabyte Google Drive for $70/month. The installation fee is waived and it requires only a 1-year contract, which makes it extremely reasonable based on my experiences. The final package is the best deal by far. Not only do you get all the perks of the previous package, you also get a TV box which will give you access to a huge line-up of popular channels, a $200 Nexus 7 Tablet to use as your remote (and I assume whatever else you can use it for), and a whopping 2 TB Storage Box to record all your favourite shows. It sure seems like a lot when you look at it, yet it too carries a pretty impressive price tag of only $120/month with a 2-year contract.

Unfortunately, this technology will take time to establish. Scheduled to start service in Kansas City, KS, and Kansas City, MO in the fall, Google has not yet set dates for any other cities yet. If you are interested and happen to be in one of these two cities, now is the time to act. Pre-registration for the service has just started, and your designated ‘fiberhood’ needs to meet its pre-registration goal in order to get Fiber. Pre-register before the rally ends on September 9th and will not only will you help Google bring Fiber to your home, but you will also help to connect community services like schools, libraries, and hospitals with free Gigabit internet!

Click Here to read more about what Google Fiber offers and to Pre-Register :

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