Google Killing Off Services: Goodbye Friend Connect

Google announced it was killing off several services that didn’t perform up to par which includes:  Google Wave, Google Gears, Google Bookmarks List, Google Search Timeline, Google Knol, Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal and Google Friend Connect.

Google Friend Connect however was probably the most used service by bloggers that was being terminated.  Many bloggers worked hard to promote and build up Friend networks for their blogs with the widgets as seen below on


Assuming most have switched to Facebook fanpages, Networkedblogs could just as easily be the next type of blog widget service which was great before Facebook Fanpages existed but seems a bit less important since the Facebook fanpages came out.

There should be a way to transition the Google Friend Connect readers into a Google+ Fanpage or a transition process to make things easier.   It would have been a nice touch since Google already knows all the users who connected via Friend Connect and porting them into a Google Circe for a Fanpage shouldn’t have been too difficult a process.

-Dragon Blogger

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