Google Inside Search Event 2011

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Google, the search-engine giant held the Inside Search Event 2011 last week in San Francisco and announces the Google Voice Search and Image Search for the desktop, and  Google Instant: Instant Pages.

Talking about the thirst for knowledge among most of the users, Google Fellow Amit Singhal said that Mobile search will be the key mode for searching content, since most of the time users stay away from PC. He also talks about the tremendous increase in the number of mobile users using the Google search.

The above shown graph proves that the number of mobile users using the Google search has been growing steadily for the past three years when compared to that of the desktop users.

Check out the details of the three new features announced at the Google Inside Search Event 2011.

Voice Search for Desktop

Google Voice Search, which was first introduced for the mobile users, is now available for the desktop users as well. This feature enables you for a  hands free search, by letting you to ask for the query and you will find the related results. The speech recognition feature will be a boon to all the desktop users, making their search much easier and faster.

The Google’s English Voice Search system consists of over 230 billion words which include real queries of users. The speech recognition feature is available only for Chrome users, who can use the feature by clicking on the microphone symbol beside the search box soon on your desktop PC, since the feature is still rolling out.

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Search by Image

There might have been many instances that one couldn’t search something which cannot be described in words or even if we do, we are pretty sure that getting a related result is out of question. Looks like Google has found the answer for it, by announcing the Search by Image feature.

This feature was also available for the mobile users, under the name called Google Goggles, where users can actually search images of places, people, or anything which has a picture. Once the feature is activated, you will find a little camera for the Search by Image feature. All you need to do is click on the camera symbol to upload any picture or plug in an image URL from the web to find out more details about it.

Search by Image will be available globally in 40 languages and comes with only Chrome and Firefox extensions that enable you to search any image on the web by right-clicking the picture.

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Google Instant: Instant Pages

Instant Pages features allows user to access the closest results or the ones which were previously used, much faster, saving on the browsing time. With Google Instant Pages you can instantly open the top search result, which is getting ready in the background while you’re still choosing which link to click.

Instant Pages will prerender results by predicting which page user will be clicking on. The Instant Pages feature will be available on the next beta release of Chrome, which includes prerendering (currently available only on the developer version).

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So these are the whole new features on your Google Chrome browser which will make your search much easier and faster.



We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.