Under Cabinet Lighting Compared: HAMLITE vs GETINLIGHT

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen lighting game, then HAMLITE has the perfect product for you. When it comes to under cabinet lighting, HAMLITE blows its competition out of the water. Whether it be installation, lighting power or technology, HAMLITE beats every other brand. In this article, I will be comparing this HAMLITE under cabinet light with a GETINLIGHT under cabinet light.

As a product reviewer, the first thing I look at when I receive a product is the ease of assembly and installation. With the HAMLITE model, the process has been completely streamlined. All you have to do is remove two mounting hole covers, screw in the provided screws and then plug in the power cord. That’s it; that’s all you have to do. On the other side of the aisle, we have the GETINLIGHT model. Instead of having an easy process, you must hardwire this light into where you want it mounted. There isn’t a plug-in option available. The GETINLIGHT model is not something that the common person could install. Any able-bodied person can install the HAMLITE model. It is so easy; a child could install it.

Next up, let’s compare lighting power. The GETINLIGHT model has one temperature color setting; 5000K. The HAMLITE model offers so much more. It has a scaling range between 6000K (hotter, a more white/blue light) and 2700K (cooler, more orange light). With a switch on the side, you can choose one of five levels to fit your lighting needs. 6000K, 5000K, 4000K, 3000K, and 2700K are the options. The HAMLITE model offers a great variety compared to its counterpart. It’s another reason why HAMLITE is far superior to the GETINLIGHT model.

The available technology of the HAMLITE creates a large gap between the two products. The GETINLIGHT model has one switch to turn the light on or off. The HAMLITE model has so much more. It features an infrared (IR) sensor that you can wave your hand under to turn the light on or off. This same IR sensor is also what you use to adjust the brightness. The HAMLITE model has stepless dimming; from 15% to 100%. All you have to do is hold your hand under the sensor once the device is on. Then you set the brightness to your preferred setting!

There are some other minor points where the HAMLITE model beats out the GETINLIGHT model. The HAMLITE model is only .47 inches thick, while the GETINLIGHT model is over twice that. The HAMLITE model is also able to move around, while the GETINLIGHT has to stay very near an outlet. When you want to move the HAMLITE model, all you have to do is remove the screws and find a new spot. The power cord also allows you to have more distance from the outlet itself.

The advantages of the HAMLITE model make your lighting choice clear. HAMLITE did an amazing job at creating the ultimate under cabinet light. This GETINLIGHT model got blown out of the water but there is no competition with other models. HAMLITE destroys all competition and is the product for you.

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