Has Technology Furthered Academic Dishonesty?

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It’s almost impossible to separate technology from education today. Advanced computers, tablets, smartphones, and the Internet are available in almost every classroom. This has made it easier for students to learn and complete their assignments. When it comes to essay writing, one doesn’t have to use a pen and paper. Instead, you can just type your paper on the computer or tablet. Moreover, teachers can easily help their students learn about essay writing using advanced technologies such as smart boards.

It’s not just students and teachers who are the beneficiaries of current technology. A lot of people today make money by writing essays for learners. Many students are ready to spend their cash on professionals to write essays for them. Most of these learners look for writers from assignment help sites. On the other hand, several companies are looking to hire qualified writers to help these students earn better grades. Therefore, the Internet has made it easy for students to get in touch with talented writers all over the globe.

However, some people feel that technology has contributed to academic dishonesty. Some educational institutions have condemned academic writing websites. This is because several students are fond of buying essays from online academic assistance services and submitting them as their own work. While this may be true, technology has also played a role in reducing academic cheating.

Why Students Go for Professionals to Write their Essays

That advances in technology have helped further academic dishonesty is partially true. You may be wondering why so many students go for online writing services. The main reason is that they are under severe pressure to perform. Too many expectations hang on their heads. For instance, they need to meet strict deadlines.

Some students have little or no time to write essays since they are working to pay their fees. Since essay writing requires one to practice regularly, they can’t perform well if they do the assignment on their own. To ease the burden of completing their homework, they engage professionals who write essays for money .

Other students are simply not talented in writing essays. It may be that they lack interest in the subject or have other talents. Asking these students to write essays without someone helping them is like a punishment. They will try everything possible to get help from a talented writer.

Of course, some students are simply lazy. They don’t want to do anything that tasks their minds. However, a good number of students who go for these services are not gifted in writing or have little time to do assignments. In other words, they have genuine reasons to enlist the services of professional writers.

Some students who seek help from professionals do their writing partially or entirely. However, they require assistance in some areas. For example, a portion of the paper may seem unfamiliar or too difficult for them to handle. Some students want to pay people to do for them editing, proofreading, and proper citation. That’s where the Internet comes in handy.

Some Technologies Are Helping to Fight Academic Dishonesty

For students who are into cheating, technology can help them write essays on their own. Especially, the Internet has several resources that can help learners know how to complete these types of assignments. Remember, most students today have a smartphone. Many can access a laptop, iPad, or tablet. Therefore, surfing the Web isn’t a problem. Fortunately, several sites out there offer tips on how to improve essay writing skills.

That’s not all. The advent of smart technologies, such as smart boards, has made classroom experiences memorable. A smartboard not only helps teachers teach better but also ensures that students gain more interest in the subject. Using a computer application, the smart technology enables every student to view websites or videos that have important information on essay writing.

Apart from smart technology, several tools are now available to students who want to write better essays. For example, grammar checkers have ensured that one doesn’t have to master all language rules before doing an assignment. Also, students can use proofreading software to correct mistakes in their documents.

What Does the Future Hold?

Although technology has contributed to academic dishonesty, it has also helped fight crime. On the one hand, technological advances have helped lazy students use online essay writing services to submit papers they didn’t do. On the other hand, technology has enhanced learning and encouraged learners to use easily available tools to do assignments on their own. In every era, however, loopholes have always existed for cheats to use when it comes to essay writing. Hopefully, future advances in technology will reduce this vice.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.