Havit Flash Sales 60% Off for Dragon Blogger Fans

This is a unique special deal worked out with Havit where we have partnered with them to bring huge 60% off discounts for several products for the fans, all you have to do is simply join the entry and get your coupon.  It is using the Gleam.io platform but each person who enters will be given a unique coupon until they run out, so here is your chance to get some last minute accessories at 60% off their normal price.

Havit Product Group One – 60% Off

You can get 60% off either of the 3 Bluetooth Earbuds or the Stereo Bluetooth Headset.

So in product group one you get your choice of the HV-H914BT Yellow Bluetooth Earbuds ($11.20 with coupon), the I6 Bluetooth Earbuds which are black ($9.20 with coupon), or the HV-H2548BT Bluetooth Earbuds ($10.80 with coupon) which are black and blue and go over the ear which is nice.  You also get to choose the Stereo Bluetooth Headphones 2555BT ($14.00 with coupon) as an option as well.

Enter to claim the 60% coupon on any of the product group 1 products above: https://gleam.io/myaVN/914btc06-i6c03-2548c04-2555bt-bluetooth-headset

Havit Product Group Two – 60% Off

Here in Havit Product Group 2 are two PC gaming headsets, the Havit HV-H2158U is a USB 7.1 Gaming Headset and is $14.80 with the coupon (you won’t find a 7.1 gaming headset this price!) and the 2nd one is the Havit HV-H2157D Stereo Gaming headset which is 3.5mm audio input and is $12.00 with the coupon.

Enter to claim the 60% coupon on any of the product group 2 products above: https://gleam.io/GYXy3/-2158u-2157-gaming-headphone-10pcs


Havit Product Group Three – 60% Off

The third product group includes the Havit HV-MS975GT Wireless Notebook Mouse which you can get for $5.60 with coupon, the Havit HV-215BT iPad Air Keyboard which you can get for $28.00 with coupon and the Havit HV-245U 3 Port USB Car Charger which you can get for $4 with the coupon.

Enter to claim the 60% coupon on any of the product group 3 products above: https://gleam.io/Nsx8h/975-215bt-245u-50pcs

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Justin Germino


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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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