EC Technology Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard Review

These past few weeks I had the opportunity to review the most compact and portable Bluetooth keyboard that I have ever touched.  I had seen foldable Bluetooth keyboards but I can tell you the portability they provide are such a benefit you may not want your large flat Bluetooth keyboard anymore.  First the keyboard when folded is about the size of an iPhone 6 Plus but about as thick as 5 of them (or one in a Defender case).

You get a full QWERTY keyboard when it unfolds and the key spacing is excellent so that you can type without feeling like your fingers are too big for each individual key, the keys are very responsive and the Bluetooth pairing is simple, the keyboard springs to life when you unfold it so you don’t have to worry about switching power buttons on and off either.  The battery life is fantastic and you can keep it in a bag for weeks at a time and always worry that it still is ready and available to use at any time.

See my Video Review Here

What I found most useful about this keyboard was not only does it auto power off when you fold it up and power on when you unfold it, but the key placement is perfect for doing near full speed typing as if it were a full sized keyboard.
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The Bluetooth keyboard is just as easily at home working with a Windows Tablet, Android Tablet or iOS tablet and makes typing emails, articles or even social media posts so much faster to me. If you are looking for a Bluetooth keyboard that is extremely compact and you don’t want the keyboard to also be part of the case/cover for your tablet or smartphone, then the EC Technology Bluetooth keyboard is definitely a recommended option. I did have some touch typing trouble with the caps lock and A so close together above the shift, but this is nothing that practice and muscle memory can’t fix.



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