HAVIT HV-KB395L Mechanical Keyboard Review!

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This is the written review of the Havit HV-KB395L Ultra Thin Mechanical Keyboard and this keyboard model includes a full 10-key pad where there previous model did not include a 10-keypad.  But, before you read this review, here’s a video review of the Havit Thin Profile Mechanical Keyboard which the model is called HV-KB395L.

It’s no secret, I’ve been using HAVIT products for over three years now and my current keyboard which happens to be another one from HAVIT, has been holding it’s own for the past almost three years now. It is only now thinking about it, that I can start to notice how the blue-switches are only now becoming less clicky and how the LED’s are becoming dimmer. However, I will have no fear, as long as HAVIT is here… they sent me their new HV-KB395L to review.
Not only am I loving it, I even replaced my old keyboard (don’t ask, don’t tell).

Here’s why:

Havit HV-KB395L Design:

Now this is definitely something I can go all day about when it comes to this keyboard. However, it’s easier when said this way… sexy w/a low profile.
Yep, the HV-KB395L is designed with space in mind. It’s a low profile, super thin, and compact keyboard. This keyboard definitely ranks on my uncreated list for sexiest keyboard.
It has a black, brushed aluminum frame, soft keys, RGB backlights, and an eye catching new emblem. With a silver strip racing around the trim of this keyboard, it is sure to pop on your desktop.
Take a look at some pictures below:

Nice, right?

Havit HV-KB395L Build:

The sturdy build of HAVIT products makes them a very reliable company to choose and that comes primed in example in this keyboard. It is solid. Really solid. It doesn’t feel flimsy on absolutely anywhere on the keyboard. The low profile blue-switches snap back to their homes when pressed and deliver a solid click. It isn’t a snappy click, though. It’s subtle. The kind of noise that is relaxing… not waking up your neighbors that live three houses down. The days of keyboard that sound like they came out of an old Noire film where the passive-aggressive office assistant types away on a typerighter are gone! The pictures don’t do the build quality justice, using these keyboards from HAVIT (this one in particular) speaks volumes on the build quality. They definitely apply strong focus here.

Havit HV-KB395L RGB:

It’s RGB, need I say more? It has multiple presets that are easily controlled with the Fn+F1-F12 keys. All of the presets are golden. They calmly sway through the keyboard with very little to pick at.
If you don’t enjoy the presets… you can save your own color scheme. Actually, you can save four of your own color schemes! Huge strong-point.

Havit HV-KB395L CONS (no one likes these, obviously):

There aren’t a plethora of things wrong I can talk about on this keyboard other than the fact it didn’t come with Kate Upton. So, let’s start with this: WHERE ARE THE AUDIO CONTROLS?!
I know for a solid fact that I cannot be the only one who listens to music while casually playing games or browsing the web. Having to go allllllllllll the way back to the source to change the song or pause is an absolute PITA! Especially when playing games that require you to ALT+TAB out. Is this a deal breaker? Totally.

Just kidding. It isn’t… but think of the MUSIC!

Havit HV-KB395L Final Thoughts:

HAVIT has been a company who I have sworn by, used, and recommended for the past few years. The HV-KB395L keyboard exibits all of the fine things about HAVIT craftsmanship.

I definitely would recommend this keyboard, too! (but I am still upset I have to actually go to the source to browse through my Ariana Grande songs…. shoot, uhm, I mean Def Leopard).

See ya guys!

You can also learn more about the Havit HV-KB395L from visiting the Havit Direct product page as well.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.