HAVIT HV-UC225 Dual USB Wall Charger Review

You know there isn’t much to review when you get a simple product like a dual port USB Wall charger, so this won’t be a long article.  Havit wanted us to simply try out and report whether or not we found the Dual USB Wall Charger to be a product of value that we liked and would be willing to let readers know about.  So a quick video review of the product and what it is about is in order.

This specifically is the Havit HV-UC225  Dual Port Wall charger, it comes in black or white.  What I like about this charger is the plug part folds in to make it a simply and portable square which you can easily slip in a pocket or a travel bag.  The output is a total of 3.4A which means you can charge 1 smartphone and 1 tablet at the same time.  Unlike many chargers which have a dedicated 2.1A and 1A USB output, this one is Smart and you can plug the phone or tablet into either of the ports and the right amount of power will output.  Those are the perks, and that’s it.

At $15.99 it certainly isn’t the cheapest Dual USB Wall Charger, but it is more compact than some of the ones cheaper, and more portable.  The fact that it is only a few bucks more and you get something more portable and smart ports I think could be worth the extra $4 or $5 over the cheapest of USB wall chargers.  In my charging tests with the iPad 2 and iPhone 5S, both devices charged the same speed plugged into the Havit Dual USB Wall Charger than individually in the A/C outlets directly, there was no perceivable difference.  The fact you can take this when you travel and turn a single A/C outlet into a port to charge 2 devices is a plus.

So overall I give it a favorable review, obviously I would like to see a total 4.4A output so 2 tablets could charge at the same time, that or it should be a few bucks cheaper to really make it more cost competitive with some cheaper USB wall chargers.  Though we are talking about a difference of $4 or $5.

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