Havit USB Type C Cable Review

My daughter recently received a free cell phone and she was very excited. There was only one small problem however and that is her new Moto Z-Droid Force only came with a charging cable that you plug into the electrical socket on the wall. She had no way to link up to her computer to transfer files to and from her PC.

Thanks to Havit, this issue was solved very quickly and very nicely. You see, her new phone uses a new type of connection that we simply did not have a cable for. We needed a USB Type-C cable, and Havit sells such a cable. Oh, and it is nice.

The cable is a little over 3 feet long and is made of a very sturdy material. It looks stiff, but it is not. The outer casing on the cable is a nice shiny braided metal like finish. And the construction looks like it will hold up longer than all my other cables combined.

Until my daughter got this new phone, I did not know very much about USB Type C cables at all having no devices that used USB Type-C, so, I will take a moment to give you a few specs.

  • This cable can handle 5V/3A. this provides a faster charge than other cables.
  • You can expect speeds up to 5Gbps. The typical USB 2 cable can only handle 60 Megabytes per second.
  • This particular cable is designed to have Ultra-High Lifespan, hence the durable nylon braid. This, as the web page says, helps prevent kinking, and bending that can break other cables. Plus, the cable dissipates heat well, which helps with data loss.
  • The cable is reversible. This one took me a second to figure out, with other types of cables, you have to look at the end of the cable, then on your device, and then make sure the orientation is right before plugging it is. With the new Type C cable, it does not matter.

  • This cable will work for any device that supports the new Type C connector. This really makes me wish I had a few devices that use this type of connector.

From the technical to the practical, this cable is as easy to use as you might think. I had no issues plugging it in, and as soon as I did, and I had it connected to the computer, it worked flawlessly. It was fast. It took only 3 minutes to transfer a 1.6 Gig file.

I would seriously consider this cable as the one you want to buy. As I have said, it works, and today, that’s important.  I hope that all devices eventually start supporting USB Type-C it is a vastly superior interface and the fact you can plug it in without worrying about the right direction to plug makes it easier for most people and reduces chances of bending or damaging the connector by attempting to insert it wrong.

Disclaimer: Havit provided me with their USB Type C Cable to evaluate. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

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