Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault Review

Let’s be honest, we’re all prone to leaving our phones in places that aren’t ideal. Do you have people you know rummage through your own phone? Are you wanting to have a secure phone for your children? If the answer is yes, then you probably need some sort of security on your phone. Because who couldn’t use more security for their phones and protection for their every day life?

Enter Hexlock App Lock & Photo Support. While it may not secure your phone against neglect and yourself, it will protect it from everyone else. Hexlock will secure your your apps with up to six separate profiles for when you’re at work or home or out on the town. With this app you’ll be able to set a PIN, a password or a pattern to make it so no one will be able to get into your apps or your photos.

First, they have a setting called media vault. Media vault will hide pictures that you might hold most dear or cherish for whatever reason but you would rather keep them private. Media vault will also do this with videos, which is probably an even better option. You’ll be able to remove them from the main gallery and hide them from your snooping friends and children.

Hexlock will also prevent other’s from being able to access any apps that you’d rather them not get into. They will not be able to dig through your Facebook or Instagram or any other social media apps you have. Don’t worry about them uninstalling Hexlock because it’s secured with the same type of locks as everything else. The best part is, if you’re worried it’s going to be a lot of work and get frustrating having to open up every single app with a password, you’ll be able to have multiple profiles so you can switch from a work profile with more security to a home profile with less or even a going-out profile for the maximum security.

The best feature, most will probably agree with, is the parental control aspect. Now you’ll be able to give your children a phone and not worry about them running up the bill with in-app purchases and those pesky micro transactions. You’ll be able to limit what they can access and do and send them out into the world with a safe and secure phone. This can also work in reverse. If you allow your children to play with your phone or your tablets, you can, just as easily, deter them from playing around and getting into personal things.

All-in-all this app is a definite keeper and a must have for anyone worried about their security and wants to keep prying eyes away from your private business.

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