Dodocool iPhone SD Card Reader and Lightning Cable

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Expanding storage or backing up media for your iPhone is becoming increasingly more important and Dodocool has a unique product which is a Lightning Cable SD Card reader that allows you to use a MicroSD card as a storage device for your iPhone or iPad with the KisDisk app.  I tested up to 64GB MicroSD card and the app was able to see and leverage the card just fine transferring images and video very quickly.

So basically you get a 6″ Lightning cable that has an MicroSD Card reader on the same side as the USB plug of the cable.  For my testing I installed a 64GB Samsung MicroSD Card and you can see it in the below picture, I don’t have it fully inserted yet.

When the MicroSD card is inserted into the dodocool lightning SD Card reader it is tight and no part of the MicroSD Card sticks out, it is completely flush with the tip of the USB plug.

You require the KisDisk App on your iPhone to be compatible and read the MicroSD card, so install it and then plug in the lightning cable with MicroSD Card inserted after.

You will then see the app displays your internal storage and your external storage, I had some data on my MicroSD card drive already so it showed the 54GB I had remaining when plugged in.  The KisDisk app also has built in photo, video and transfer apps so you can take photos and video right from the KisDisk app and have them save right to the MicroSD card instead of your local storage and then have to transfer.

You can also choose to transfer any photos or video from your local storage to your MicroSD Card.

You just select what you want to copy, where you want to copy it (since it also lets you copy from SD Card to your local storage as well)

Then after you can see and browse all your files on the MicroSD card from your iPhone or iPad.

The dodocool lighting sdcard reader cable also allows you to charge your iPhone or iPad with the MicroSD card still plugged into the USB end, so you can leave the MicroSD Card in the cable at all times and still just plug and unplug it as you need to charge.  Because it is a charging cable it is very convenient to just carry it around and have your external storage as part of your charging cable, though because the cable is short at only 6″ it really is only ideal to plug into external power banks or an easily accessible USB port that is close to where you will set your phone and you won’t need to use your phone while it is charging because of the limited length of the cord.

Overall I found this to be an excellent way to add additional external storage to your iPhone, there are lightning flash drives which can be bulky and stick out “blocking” your lightning port from charging while attached to the media, but this doesn’t have any of those limitations like a regular lightning compatible flash drive does.  It does of course require you have that extra MicroSD card plus the cable but most people have spare MicroSD cards.

The KisDisk app is very good, but it could have a “backup all” to External Storage, I wish I could click 1 button and everything in pictures/video would sync to my external storage, without having to manual select items to backup, this would have been ideal and sped up when you have to backup hundreds of images at the same time.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.