Hotline Miami 2 Video Play Showcase

If you haven’t checked out Hotline Miami 2 yet then you are missing out on an amazing action packed game that has breakneck gun play and fills your screen with gore nearly constantly. The game features 35 weapons and you can adjust combat styles as the story shifts between factions being able to leverage melee and ranged weapons throughout the game.

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This adult oriented game due to the violence and gore seriously has more action than a Miami Club casino as you can see in the video where you play as the PigMan and our player is bashing his way through the level.  The game also features more than forty tracks by dozens of artists that emphasize the brutality of the game and help immerse you in the story and experience.  There are several new artists contributing tracks as well as returning favorites like Perturbator, M|O|O|N, Scattle, Jasper Byrne, and El Huervo for an incredible audio massacre while your eyes are absorbing visual massacres.

Hotline Miami 2 4th Scene with Aubrey Mask

For those who played the original Hotline Miami know that you are getting more of everything with the sequel here and the over 19,635 reviews which leave it with a very positive rating on the Steam store page show you how much of a following this game has.  Again, this game is not for the feint of heart and not for kids, even though the graphics are very retro and arcade like the sheer level of violence and gore may be off-putting and not recommended for kids to play this game by any means. But if you just want an old school arcade game where you progress through a story mutilating your way with dozens of weapons, you are gonna have a blast doing it.

In this last video I will show you we have yet another character with another jungle scene at first, there are a variety of different scenes and characters throughout the story that you play to help keep it feeling fresh and prevent level fatigue.

Hotline Miami 2 the 9th and 10th Scenes

Hotline Miami is not a graphically intensive game by any means and you can play it on pretty much any Windows computer where you have Steam installed it doesn’t need a powerful graphics card, as an example you can see that Hotline Miami was played on a Chuwi Hi10 dual Android/Windows tablet which only costs about $170 and was still able to have a 35-40 frame per second.

Have you played either of the Hotline Miami games yet?   If not, what do you think is it your cup of tea or do you prefer other types of games?

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