How to Become an Influencer Blogger

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Who doesn’t dream of living off their blog or their passion? To travel, to go around the world and to earn money doing exactly what you love? This is what influencer bloggers have managed to accomplish. How did they get to where they are now? What editorial line do they follow? Concretely, how to become an influencer blogger without the help of any Instagram auto liker?

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Become an influencer blogger

Are you pretty good at what you do and creating great content? In that case, yes, you can nurture the dream of living from his blog. However, be aware that this is a long- term and above all long-term project. Traveling, touring the world, being financially independent and being famous through social media unfortunately doesn’t happen overnight. You shouldn’t have much trouble making yourself known, however, as long as you love what you do and do it with your heart.

How to become an influencer blogger? Patience, perseverance and rigor in the work are the key words. Also, immediately forget about your wish to break into the world of influencer marketing if it’s because you think it is an easy job. No you won’t make millions of dollars by doing next to nothing, that’s a misnomer and a lot of serious real Instagram influencers suffer from this hasty judgment. Indeed, it sometimes happens that Internet users forget – or do not know – everything that influencer macros had to do to succeed in their environment.

Living off your blog: A job above all

How to become an influencer blogger? Make no mistake: this is real work that takes time and energy. Becoming an Instagram influencer or other social network is the result of years of effort and perseverance. Living off your blog or Instagram account is perfectly possible, however, you should realize that being an influencer blogger is a time consuming activity. If you really want to make money from your blog, you will be an entrepreneur in your own right and will need to adapt your legal status as such.

How to become an influencer blogger? It is first of all a question of personally investing and adopting the right strategy, from the launch of the blog to its deployment, including writing texts, promoting your activity via social media , referencing. natural, adopting the right editorial line or setting up a partnership with other blogs… A blog is a whole small business that you will have to manage as well as possible.

Choose and master your subject

First and foremost, you will need to know what topic you want to tackle. If all the niches are possible and existing, they do not all bring in money and are not all equal. How to become an influencer blogger? It is above all about choosing your sector according to market demands. Of course, you want to like the principle of “living off your blog” because that is synonymous with making money by doing what you are passionate about. However, are you sure that your passion is going to make you money?

Before you want to become an influencer blogger, you must know how to make yourself known, that is to say by addressing what subject? The most used domains to get free Instagram likes currently are:

Beauty and fashion


Video games and new technologies

The kitchen

Sport and lifestyle

Fitness and health

Become an influencer blogger

Break the codes and make a difference in saturated niches

Note that if the areas mentioned above are the most saturated, they are also those that bring the most gains. How to become an influencer blogger? Make a difference on topics that are already covered too much. Offer unheard of and quality content to your audience. If one of these areas particularly speaks to you, do not hesitate to exploit it by adapting your choices to the demand of your potential audience.

The best way to be known by thousands of followers is to be precise in your subject and to master it as well as possible. For example, the theme of the kitchen is too vague. If you specialize in seafood or chocolate, you will already expand your possibilities even further. To speak of sport is also too vague. Are you passionate about Karate for having done it since your childhood? Make it your subject! Talking about fashion is also too vague. Are you rather plump or do you have a particular physique? In this case offer to talk about fashion for people like you! You will quickly know that Instagram influencers Skinny or dreamlike looks aren’t unanimous, and they only represent a small percentage of successful influencer bloggers.

A little help that will serve as a springboard

How to become an influencer blogger? If you want to make money from your blog and get your monthly active users , it is important that you know how to differentiate yourself. Don’t be one of those people who start out with dreams full of eyes and stars full of eyes, but give up after a few months. To make a difference, you need to be genuinely passionate and know that there is no one-size-fits-all way to make yourself known overnight . On the other hand, there are indeed little “helping hand” tips to use in moderation. For example, buying Instagram followers .

If you have an Instagram account that is affiliated with your blog, it would be a good idea to buy a few thousand followers, which will act as a springboard. These fake subscribers will attract real subscribers, that is, monthly active users. Internet users will not try to dig very far. Seeing that you have a certain number of subscribers , they will try to understand the reason for this craze and choose to learn more about you. So this is your chance to make yourself known and show them your talents.

Agree not to do this just for the money

How to become an influencer blogger? While your goal as a future professional will be to make money, this may not necessarily be the case from the start. This is the reason why it is essential that you like what you do. If you are passionate about your topic, the wait won’t be long and you can enjoy each day telling yourself that you will soon be an influencer blogger and that good things take time.

If you just select a theme without it talking to you, just for the purpose of making money , you are not likely to get away with it. Then, once a brand contacts you, don’t jump head-to-head into a deal that might not be right for you. Take the time to learn more and make yourself want a little. It will depend on the brand in question. Sometimes when the game is worth the effort, you might have to agree to a partnership with no money involved. Sometimes, brands will be able to offer you free gifts and products, simply because they like your quality content . Don’t get stuck on the vision you have of how to become an influencer blogger .

Why might your followers like you?

Your followers are people who generally need advice or guidance in their decision-making. This is where Instagram Instagram followers free come in. How to become an influencer blogger and play your own role in influencer marketing? Start by thinking about what you’re really good at and why people might pay you. In all fairness, could you make money from your passion? Living off your blog, is there a good goal that you set for yourself and are you willing to invest your time in it? Creating quality content without being paid upfront is a springboard for your business as people will know they can trust you. Rest assured that if you follow this path without giving up, the consecration should not take long to point its nose and you will soon be able to travel around the world.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.