How to Find What Shows are on What Streaming Services

Most of us have been in this situation: It’s Friday night and you’re tired from a long week of work. You pull up one of your favorite streaming services, but you can’t seem to find something to watch. You heard of a new movie you might want to see, but you have to go to each different streaming channel and search it one by one to see if they have it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find it so much faster? Thankfully, there are sites out there like Just Watch which will tell you which streaming channel has the show or movie you’ve been wanting to watch.

How to use Just Watch

Right when you land on the home page, you can see the different options to find the movies and shows you want to stream. You either can choose from the top movies that are trending, start a quiz to let it help you find movies, or you can search based on a specific title.

For this example, I picked Knives Out, a newer popular movie. Here’s what it shows:


As you can see, it shows that it’s currently available to stream on Prime Video. If you don’t have Prime, you can also see the different options to buy or rent it from the various other platforms.

Some of the platforms they’ll show you:

There’s also a ton of other channels, pretty much every single one you can imagine, so you can find all of your shows on whatever channels are out there. Let’s do another example. One of my favorite shows is Orphan Black, and although it’s over it’s still available for streaming on certain platforms. Take a look to see how the page shows it when I search it:

On top of that, you also have the ability to search by actors or people starring in the shows and movies you like to watch. For example, let’s say I want to look for movies starring Nicole Kidman on certain platforms.

Immediately, you can see that there are 75 possible titles on streaming platforms that Nicole Kidman has been in. You can sort everything by popularity, the year it was released, alphabetical, and more to find the titles and movies you want to stream.

This way, you can always find the shows and movies you want to watch on the easiest platform. Never again will you have to go in to each platform and search one by one to find the thing you want to stream.

Also JustWatch had collected analytics to show what the most popular movie in March and April 2020 was and turns out it was Contagion, big shocker right?

JustWatch is available in over 45 countries and in 36 of them, we could see a huge demand for the movie “Contagion” during March and April 2020. Also, the monthly searches on Google spiked up to 16.6 million! (Before around 130.000 people searched for it per month). Outliers were Spain, France, the Baltic states and southeast Asian countries where movies like “Parasite”, “Harry Potter” or “The Hunger Games” were watched.


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