How to Make Sure Your Video Doorbells Are Secure

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Imagine installing a video doorbell only for someone to come and steal it, vandalize it, or use it against you. Well, many people find themselves in that situation nowadays. In most cases, thieves steal or vandalize video doorbells to prepare for a next day attack on your home. Sometimes they want to take your security apparatus to show you that you are still unsafe.

All tech gadgets nowadays, especially the smart ones, come with security in mind, but they rarely have protection themselves. For example, a smart thermostat, such as the Honeywell Wi-Fi 9000 will not only provide the services of a thermostat, but they can also offer other utility functions; to know more about this, you can read the full review online. One of the functions mentioned is you can program it to do some simple things at home, such as keeping the air conditioning intact or regulating the humidity. However, even with all the smart functionalities, it is only a thermostat.

What do I want to say? A doorbell video is just that. It does not try to do something else. It is a device that helps you identify the person knocking on your door so that you can only open to people you believe cannot hurt you. If someone decides to vandalize it, he or she can do it. The makers of most video doorbells in the market assume that the gadgets are safe.

While that is true, a video device will not scare everyone. Some people are bold enough to steal from you in broad daylight. A tiny and shiny gadget will not scare them. They will think it is something valuable that they can sell. In that case, you need to secure your door bell.

Secure and Professional fitting

This is just a matter of playing with probabilities. A video doorbell will put off most people that have stealing intentions. The few that are bold enough to try to steal will prefer a low hanging fruit. If the doorbell is secured firmly in its place, it will give them another reason not to bother. They will have to use force, break things, and vandalize the door in the process. It will be too much trouble because if they are caught, the case for robbery becomes violent robbery.

If the vandals are delinquent kids, they will target poorly installed gadgets. So, they will not want to attempt to steal or vandalize it. So, to eliminate another group of potential thieves and vandals, ensure that the doorbell video gadget is installed correctly and fitted securely.

Make it hard for the person to steal. Few thieves will be bold enough to attempt something that will alert the bystanders or neighbors; they want something easy to pick, which minimizes the chances of theft.

Put up a subscription service

The video doorbell should capture reliable video evidence of the crime whenever the criminal decides to vandalize your property. Such video evidence can help you catch the thief on video. You can share the video with the police so that they can be punished. The probability of having more than one doorbell video thief in the neighborhood is slim. Unless you live in a hotbed of crime.

Ring and nest, quite popular among shoppers, offer this type of service. The video evidence is available from your account, which makes it easy to retrieve and use any video for security purposes.

Use a smartphone to monitor the video doorbell

Do not do anything that will alert potential criminals that you are not around. You can now use your phone to track the smart devices in your home. Adding a smart thermostat in the house can ensure that your house looks and feels as if you are there. The thermostats can add an extra security feature to the home every time you are not around. If someone enters your home, you will be alerted if your smart gadgets are online. Whenever you are around, you can set the devices to go offline.

Security in a home is dependent on how you approach your options. If you feel secure only when you have smart gadgets around, you will not feel safe once you know one of them is not secure itself. So, you have to defend your security gadgets.

Remember, security gadgets have your identity. If a thief steals or hacks them, they can find ways of getting into your system. So, prompt reporting of any stolen or vandalized security gadgets is imperative. Secure it by ensuring that it is professionally fitted.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.