HyperX PULSEFIRE FPS Pro RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion


This has been the first mouse in a little while that I reviewed, the last mouse I had reviewed last year in November was the Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse AW958.  The HyperX PulseFire FPS Pro RGB Gaming mouse is leaps and bounds more comfortable, performs much better and is more affordable as well.  Prior to receiving this mouse though, I was using the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury which was my favorite mouse by far and while I still do like it, this HyperX Pulse Fore FPS Pro has won my heart.

The design is very familiar, I would compare it to the original Microsoft Intellimouse (Now called the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse) only the PulseFire is more comfortable and much more customizable.  Out of the box, it looked to me like the Intellimouse, and even when I put my hand on it, it felt just like it.  When I actually started using it though the rubberized grip pads on the sides of the mouse, aided in the comfort of this mouse and the glide of the large frictionless pads helped the mouse just feel that much more comfortable.

The comfort did not stop with the glide but was accentuated by the HyperX Fury S Speed Edition.  The smooth glide was made smoother with this pad and the cushy feeling the mouse pad had with its 4mm thickness just made things feel so much smoother.  If you do end up getting this mouse, I do recommend this mouse pad and to go further, if you don’t like this mouse and want to use your own mouse or buy a new one, I would still recommend this mouse pad, it is that good.

This mouse is not very large and is not very small either.  It is a little smaller than the Intellimouse and is slightly larger than the Logitech G402 and writing this review, I put the G402 back in my hands and it still is very comfortable with its grooved-out body I think the G402 is slightly more comfortable.  While the comfort is better on the G402, the control on the PULSFIRE is tighter which is to be expected since it is newer and does offer higher resolutions.

Playing games with this mouse, everything worked perfectly as expected and felt so much nicer with its higher DPI.  To test it I played Players Unknown Battle Grounds but then I also played BattleField V, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout, Steel Rats, Dead by Daylight, Fortnite and other games I might have played in between and they all played just right.

So let’s jump into the Pros and Cons.


  • LED-Lit
  • Offers 5 modes of lighting
    • None, Solid, Breathing, Color Cycling and Trigger
  • 6 Programmable Keys
  • Strong build Quality
  • Very Comfortable and Familiar feel, even if you never used one
  • Ngenuity is great
  • Very high DPI Resolution
  • VERY Affordable


  • No Apple Support
  • Low button count for the Macro/MMO crowd

All in all, I felt this mouse to be a champion, with a very comfortable and familiar feel, no frills or thrills included, but are the really needed in a mouse?  What more do you need than the precise control of a mouse, the lights really only help when you don’t have your hands on the mouse.  The 2 down sides to this mouse is that there is no Apple support and only 2 side buttons.  This might be rough for the the MMO crowd and might be left a little broken hearted that they cannot have more buttons, could you look passed that?

Check out the HyperX Fury S Speed Edition on Amazonhttp://geni.us/SjPv3Dn

Check out the HyperX PulseFire FPS Pro RGB Gaming Mouse on Amazonhttp://geni.us/oMLP

Great job HyperX, this is an amazing mouse.

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