iBUYPOWER MEK 2 Pro RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review


iBUYPOWER is known to build some pretty nice gaming systems, laptops and desktops alike but did you know they also have some gear?  As part of that gear, aside from the mice, mouse pads and other things today we will be reviewing the iBUYPOWER MEK 2 Pro RGB Mechanical Keyboard.  This review almost took a horrible turn for the worse, but I was able to recover it.  Read on to find out how this almost bombed, what I did to fix it and how the iBUYPOWER MEK 2 Pro RGB Mechanical Keyboard came up ahead.

The keyboard has some nice features that are very familiar along with a few other familiar aspects of which we will go through in this review.  Let’s take a look at the features and specifications first.

Features and Specifications

  • Aluminum Back plating
  • 104 Keys
  • Multi-Function Multimedia Keys
  • Kailh Blue Mechanical Switches
  • 50 million Click Key lifespan
  • 21 Key Rollover Anti-Ghost
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • 2 Programmable Keys
  • Customizable Lighting Effects
  • On-the-Fly Macro Recording
  • 256KB Built-In Memory
  • 7 color backlit options
  • Windows Key Disable button
  • All-Keys lock button
  • Includes Key Puller
  • Quick-Attach Wrist Rest
  • 5.91 Foot Nylon Braided and Gold-Plated USB Cable

You can also check it out on iBUYPOWER’s website: http://bit.ly/2ry4hhW

With that out of the way, let’s check out the unboxing to see what is inside the box.

There are more things in the box than I thought there would be, so let’s go over each.

First up is the Quick installation guide, which is actually pretty handy.  The Guide goes over many of the configuration changes you can make on the software right on the keyboard.  Record Macro’s, LED lighting configurations and many other features.  We should be able to go over that later.


This is the Quick-Attach Wrist Rest.  Towards the center of the wrist rest, there is a design hidden there.

A closer look shows that it is actually the iBUYPOWER logo, a Lion head looking logo that internally is referred to as a Chimera.

The keyboard comes with this key puller, that to me is very handy.  It obviously lets you remove each and every key on the keyboard but it allows you to do this so that after you have used it for a while, you can remove the keys and clean out the keyboard or maybe change the switches, add O-Rings or so many other things.  It even has a handy home on the keyboard so that you won’t lose it.  We will go over using it and where it lives a bit later in the review.  Very useful tool.

Inching closer to the keyboard itself, we get to the gold-plated USB Connection. The USB connection has a very familiar logo on it.

Moving up, we see that the 5.91 Foot USB cable is braided with very fine black and red nylon material.

At the very end of that cable, we find the keyboard itself and come into the second chapter of this review where we get Up Close and Personal with the keyboard.

Continue: Up Close and Personal


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