iGotTech SmartTech Texting Gloves Review

When I was first asked to do a review on a pair of texting gloves I was a little hesitant at first. There are so many on the market and there are so many that fall short of most basic expectations that I didn’t really see why another pair would be any different. From what I’ve seen they either are not made from the best material, don’t work properly or they don’t work at all. For the last few years I’ve been in much warmer climates so I never needed a pair of gloves at all let alone a pair for texting when it’s cold. This past summer I moved back into the Northeast so I will admit I did jump at the opportunity to try out and review a pair of texting gloves.


First, a little about these gloves. They are very lightweight and comfortable. They don’t feel too rough and the material on the tips of the middle finger, thumb finger and thumb is seemlessly woven into the rest of the glove which makes you almost forget that they’re texting gloves at all. They come in two different color styles. There’s the black with grey detail and grey with pink detail. Not much of a selection but I suppose they could be viewed as him and hers. At first glance there really isn’t much to differentiate them with normal lightweight gloves and with the exception of the small detail on the fingertips, there isn’t.

When trying the SmartTech Gloves on for the first time they were not very difficult at all. They went on smooth and, with the exception of a little adjustment, they weren’t uncomfortable either. They’re thin so it doesn’t add much bulk when holding your phone or smart device. At first touch these gloves seem to live up to their name. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and they work very well with my device. I was able to use my Swype feature while texting, scroll up and down pages with relative ease and accessing apps felt like I didn’t even have gloves on at all. For all intensive purposes these gloves act the part and perform relatively well.


Unfortunately, they’re not very good gloves from a glove standpoint. I cannot recommend using these gloves in any type of actual cold weather below an average of 30 degrees Fahrenheit. These gloves are lightweight, yes, but they are very thin and if you have bigger hands like I do, they get thinner when you put them on. The fabric is a very nice, smooth material but, sadly, this makes holding your phone or smart device very difficult to hold if you don’t have a case on it. While they do work considerably well the contact you make with the screen is considerably wider and it makes texting, if you don’t have Swype, a little more difficult. So, in short, I would say the SmartTech Gloves are one of the better texting gloves I’ve seen and used but I would not recommend then in cold temperatures or using them for a long period of time. Honestly, if you’re living in an area that gets severely cold during the winters you probably shouldn’t have your phone out and using it unless it’s for an emergency anyways.

Disclaimer: iGotTech provided us with the SmartTech Texting Gloves so that we could do a thorough and accurate review. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

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