Improve Browsing Speed With OpenDNS


In reading up several articles online I found a way to improve the time it takes for my browser to resolve and load websites. I have replaced my ISP DNS servers with OpenDNS and as a result there is a noticeable improvement in how quickly web page DNS names resolve and load in Firefox and Chrome on my home PC.

For free all you have to do is go to Open DNS aand register for a free account. Once you do this you will be provided with 2 DNS name servers to use.

Edit your Network properties for your LAN or Wireless adapter (you can get there by opening Control Panel and opening your Network Connections).


You want to specifically edit the properties for your “Internet Protocol Version 4” if you are using Vista or Windows 7,

It doesn’t matter if you have your PC set to Obtain an IP automatically or not, you can click “Use the following DNS server addresses” and input the two IP addresses provided by OpenDNS. Click OK and then close out of this screen and your network updates will take effect immediately on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. If you are still using an older version of Windows you will have to reboot the machine.


For myself there was a noticeable performance improvement and websites loaded faster because DNS was able to resolve the DNS name (web site name like to IP address quicker.

If you also switch to using OpenDNS, let me know if you notice improvement and if you already use it let me know if you like using OpenDNS.

-Dragon Blogger

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