Innoo Tech ANEAR Bluetooth Stereo headphones

Bluetooth headphones are in abundance theses days.  If a manufacturer does headphones they will most likely do a blue tooth version.  Bluetooth is convenient and the Bluetooth technology is getting better and better for sound quality.

ANEAR is one manufacturer with a Bluetooth set of headphones.  They are the in ear or ear buds style which works great for an active person.  be it hiking or biking or running and working out.  The ANEAR Bluetooth headphones are lighter than other I have had the chance to review, a little smaller and fit well in the ear.  As with most of these they give you many sizes to insure you can find the right fit for your ears.

ANEAR Bluetooth Stereo Headphones


Despite their light feel in your hand and in your ear they do appear to be well made.  There is a power button that you press for on and off and it is laid inside the right ear piece easily found.  It use micro USB for charging so if you lose the supplied cable it is easily replaced with another one.  We all have multiples of those laying around.  It also has an easily accessible volume rocker that requires no fumbling to get to.  The strap that goes around your neck is not heavy so it doesn’t get bound into your clothing when you wear a collar.  So all and all very comfortable.


ANEAR Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

So with the good I do have the bad.  I had issues getting the ANEAR headphones paring with my iPhone 5s.  I got it to work once but have yet to get to pair again.  I did get it to consistently pair with my Nexus & my wife’s Samsung Galaxy 5.  It also touts the ability to be paired to two phones.  Without being able to get it to pair to my iPhone couldn’t test the two phone functionality but I never could get it to pair to my wife’s phone and my Nexus 7 at the same time.  Maybe two Android phones would make this possible.

When I did get them paired to a device range was decent.  I didn’t feel like I got the full Bluetooth range of 30 feet or some, it was closer to 20 maybe 25.  Battery was about 4 hours down form their rated 5 hours.  May have been to the distances I was using the headphones at. Sitting at my desk with basically no distance between the device and the headset I got closer to the 5 hours. Not horrible but not what they claimed.

Sound quality when playing music was ok.  I have heard worse but this is at a lower level than the other Bluetooth headphones I have used and reviewed.  The sound was hollow and the bass was even more so missing than I have become accustomed to in a budget set of headphones wireless or otherwise.  Podcasts also lose some of their depth.  Inflection of the voices from the talent is lost and most sound fairly monotone through the headphones.  Depending on your budget this may suffice for your purposes.

ANEAR Bluetooth Stereo Headphones


For me I give these 2.5 stars.  Great feel and solid design but they may have given up sound quality for weight.

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