Install Windows XP on SATA Hard Disk – Part 1

Very often I’ve come across friends and colleagues who wish to go back to Windows XP, either due to the ever-hanging Vista experience, or due to incompatibility of certain software with later versions of Windows.

Here we shall see how to install Windows XP on a Serial Advanced Technology Attachment or SATA hard disk.

  1. Back up all your documents on an external drive
  2. Make a note of all the programs you have installed and would like to re-install after getting Windows XP on your computer
  3. Collect as many important software items as possible, like :
  • Not necessary to be said, a copy of Windows XP installation disk
  • Antivirus applications
  • Hardware drivers for all components compatible with Windows XP, after making a list of all the hardware you have from the Manage devices page
  • Anything else you would need immediately after installing Windows XP

Schedule the installation of Windows XP on a day when you would have at least 2 hours of undisturbed access to your computer.

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