Interesting Features of Vive Focus Plus Standalone VR Headset

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Virtual Reality or VR has set a new benchmark in the world of technological innovations.  Since its inception, virtual reality has never failed to marvel humanity. This technological sensation has gripped mankind and is steadily changing the way humans interact with each other. In the recent times, Virtual Reality has been significantly embraced in several industries such as military, gaming, education, medicine, aviation, fashion, business and many more. Currently, a lot of top tech companies are investing huge amounts into Virtual Reality. And, one such company that created quite a buzz in the VR world is HTC for their product Vive Focus Plus standalone VR headset. This product was first released in China and then internationally for enterprise customers in late 2018.

Vive Focus Plus is an upgraded version with advanced tracking and controllers. This portable device is designed and developed for usage in the corporate world. Vive Focus Plus comes with 2 Ultrasonic 6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) controllers, excellent graphics and great ergonomic comfort making it the perfect platform for virtual corporate conferences, training simulations etc. Read through some salient features of Vive Focus Plus Standalone VR Headset provided below.

Immersive 6DOF controllers

Vive Focus Plus is equipped with 2 Ultrasonic 6 Degree of Freedom (DOF) controllers that make virtual reality navigation and hand control highly immersive. Thanks to the 6DoFs, users will not need a computer or phone to operate the device. Just like the original one, Vive Focus Plus is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. The dual controllers come with an analog trigger for pressure-sensitive inputs that ensure enhanced virtual reality interaction. The controllers are equipped with grip buttons, sport triggers, home and menu buttons, along with a track pad. The 6DOF feature makes Vive Focus Plus perfect for a seamless interaction between you and the VR world.

Excellent VR visuals

Vive Focus Plus ensures better visual quality thanks to the new lenses and with less ring effects. The device comes with a 3K AMOLED display.

Great ergonomic comfort

The headset is designed so that users can use them comfortably. It gently rests on the user’s head with great ease, compared to the previous version. The material used in the headset is soft and easy to clean, thereby making it perfect for extended use.

Kiosk mode

Vive Focus Plus comes with the Kiosk Mode feature that is highly crucial for businesses. It limits access to apps and navigation thereby streamlining the entire VR process and leaving users with a great experience.

Easy device and content management

Vive Focus Plus ensures easy and secure content and device management. Vive Enterprise provides setup options that make sure that you are operating your device and account in a highly secure environment. Using the enterprise, users can create internal groups and manage VR systems from a single central platform. Vive Focus Plus guarantees full enterprise support along with assistance in 19 languages.

Vive Focus Plus is provided with other features that are crucial especially for businesses. These include gaze control and multi-device management tools.

The device is for enterprise purpose only and is expected to be available for purchase in the second quarter of this year. The price of this headset is not yet revealed by the company. Vive Focus Plus will be available in 25 markets that include Japan, China, USA and Canada. The device will be shipped by HTC with an enterprise license and business users will be spared the extra cost for commercial use. If you are looking for HTC’s current virtual reality products, you can browse through the ones available at online marketplaces like Qoo10 and Lazada.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.