Internet Protection with Spam Ratings and Cleanzer Firefox Plugins

Hey there friends.  You know, it’s tough to keep safe while browsing the internet.  Everything that has made it great (social networking, blogging, banking, entertainment, etc. etc.) is also what makes it so dangerous.  Millions are online at any given time and there are online predators lurking at every corner, hoping for you make a mistake to jump on the opportunity to steal important information.   No web browser is 100% worry free, but there are add-ons, plugins, and other options for those that would love that extra security.  For those of you using the Firefox browser, may I suggest two must have plug-ins: Spam Ratings and Cleanzer.

These two free consumer tools will help you protect yourself from identity thieves, unwanted spam, and other malicious malware.  They are the perfect 1-2 punch.   Spam Ratings will provide you with an individual website rating that will act as a guide as whether or not the website has provided spam to it’s visitors before.  What makes this unique is that it is not user provided feedback.  Some user provided feedback can be unreliable and biased towards a website.  It analyzes the quality and quantity of Emails that it has previously sent in order to make a more accurate rating on whether or not the Emails sent are spam related.  If you are someone that needs visuals to better grasp ideas, here is the spam rating video that will explain it.

The second part of this awesome combo is the Cleanzer plug in.  Even after you have done your homework and feel that a particular site is trust worthy, you may want to still use a little more protection for your personal Email.  This will protect your private Email from would be spammers by creating a unique Email address when for you when you register on a site.  Using it is a breeze.  You simply right click and select the option to use a Cleanzer Email.  You can then sort through the Emails and select the ones that you would like to have forwarded to your personal Email and delete those that would litter your inbox with spam.  It’s the perfect way to disguise your personal Email without having to create a separate Email just to register.  Take a look at the Cleanzer video to see it in action.

Identity theft, spam, malware, viruses.  They are all forms of internet attacks.  Some more serious than others, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid the less serious ones to max protect yourself from major threats.  With just a few clicks, you can be protected from unwanted spam and unwanted predators.  Online security should not be difficult to obtain.  These two plug ins are just the start in helping to protect your personal identity.

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