IObit Applock Fingerprint Lock Android App Review

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Often you come across situations where someone asks for your phone, be it your brother, a friend or your family. You have your personal life, and sometimes don’t want to share your private secrets that are on your phone. So with that in mind, today we will be looking at Applock which will secure your phone from unauthorized access. This is the IObit Applock Fingerprint lock. It is currently only available for Android devices. Let’s have a look at it.

IObit Applock is a free app, and you can get it from Play Store.


The size of the app is 4MB and once installed it consumes 30MB of space which isn’t too bad.

IOBIT Applock First Time Setup

Once you have the IOBit Applock app installed, you will have to set a pin or a pattern for the app. Once that’s done, another recovery window will be shown where you have to input your email id in case you forget your password.

If you have an Android running Android 5.0+, then you have to turn on ‘Usage data access’ so that you can have full access to the Applock features.

Now that we are done with the initial setup, let’s have a look at the User Interface.

IOBit Applock User Interface

The UI of IObit Applock is really simple and pretty easy to understand and get used to. On the main menu screen, you can see all of your applications. And on the right of every app, you can see a lock. Tap on it once, and that app is now password protected.

On the top left is the side tray. It displays the features of the application. So let’s get in the details with the features of IObit Applock Fingerprint lock.

IOBit Applock Features

Fake Lock

This is a really nice added security feature that you can use to trick your friends so that they don’t peek into your locked apps. So if they open up a locked app, they will be greeted with a fake lock before they get to the actual lock screen. IObit comes with 4 default fake lock screens and addition 2 fake locks which come with the Pro version of the application. Let’s check them out.

Crack screen

This lock will cover your locked apps with a picture of your choice. To get through this wallpaper, you have to shake your phone to get past the fake lock screen.

Call Cover

This is my favorite lock screen. If someone tries to open a locked app, you will receive a fake phone call from an unknown number. To get past this fake lock. You have to swipe your fingers from the messages icon to the blue phone call icon.

Force Stop

You will get a message that the application has stopped working. Triple tap on ‘OK’ to turn off the fake lock.

Picture Cover

Now, this is another interesting lock. You choose a picture from your Gallery and select a part of the picture. Once you have selected it, press ok. Now when the locked app is opened, tap the selected area three times to unlock the fake lock.

The Pro Version includes two more Fake Locks. Fingerprint Cover and Voice Authentication. You can cover your locked apps with a fake fingerprint scanner screen or a fake voice authenticator. This is a nice addition to the fake locks.

Notification Lock

Now often there are security apps that fail to cover the notification security. So despite having an applock, anyone can have a look at your private messages from the notification menu. In IObit you can set a lock on the notifications too. You can choose which apps notifications to be locked. All applications need not be notification locked.


Fingerprint Lock

This is probably the best feature included in the applock. You can set up a fingerprint lock for your locked apps. If you have a fingerprint set up for your main lock screen from your phone’s default settings, then the applock will take the same fingerprints for the applock. You don’t have to set up a new fingerprint for the applock which is good. If by some chance, you have any problems with your fingerprint scanner, you can also type the pin instead of using the fingerprint scanner.

Face Lock

IObit Face Lock uses Artificial Intelligence to scan your face using face ID so that only you can unlock your phone. Setting it up is pretty easy. You just have to take a photo of your face to enable face lock. Make sure to have proper light on your face so the app can properly ID your face. This is a very nice feature to have, but it cannot be used in every situation. You can’t use it during night time or at times where there isn’t any proper lighting.

Delay Lock Option

When you know that you are alone and no one is going to be using your phone for a while, you can use the Delay Lock Option. What this does is once you have unlocked an app, you can choose the lock time. If you have set the timer to 20 mins, once the app is unlocked, IObit will ask you to input your password every 20 mins. So within the 20 minutes, you can open the app n number of times, and the app won’t ask you for the password. You can set a different timer for each app. This is such a nice feature to have in an applock.

Customize Theme

This lets you keep different types of themes for your lock screen. It comes with 4 default themes and an additional of 2 more themes if you upgrade to the Pro version. With the pro version, you can also select a wallpaper of your choice from your gallery for your lock screen.

Intruders’ Selfie

This is one of the best features that this app has to offer. If someone tries to unlock your locked apps and types the wrong password for 3 times, the phones front camera will automatically take a picture of the person that is trying to intrude your phone. With the pro version, you can lessen the default 3 times wrong password selfie to just 1 wrong password.

Security Center

Here you can tighten the security of your phone even more. With features like Change Icon in which you can change the Applock’s icon to something else so unauthorized users cannot find it. You can also enable battery saver from here to save around 50% power usage. Another great feature is that you can enable Avoid Being Uninstalled feature. This is really good as people with good knowledge about bypassing security try to uninstall the applock to gain access to locked apps. With this, you can prevent unauthorized uninstallation of the application. The intruders’ selfie option can be enabled from over here. I have already mentioned what this feature does above. You can change the lock type from Pattern to Pin and choose whether you want the pattern visible or not. Also, you can change the password and change the bind email from the security center.


In the settings tab, you can change the applock status. So with one click, you can disable or enable applock security with ease. You can also choose whether or not you want the IObit Applock bar in the notifications panel. By default, this is enabled. But I prefer to keep it disabled so along with the fake lock, my friends and family don’t know that I am using an applock.


This is the place where you can help the developers by reporting bugs and errors. Additionally, you can give suggestions to the devs if you want any feature to be added in the application. If they like your suggestion, then they might implement it in the future update. The fingerprint lock is the newest feature which was added in the applock which wasn’t available in the previous versions. This shows that IObit really cares about the security of the customers, so if you have any suggestion, then drop a feedback over here.

My thoughts

I have been using this app for more than a week now, and I can tell you that this is an excellent security app. Now I don’t have to worry about anyone using my phone now that my dirty secrets are locked away thanks to IObit Applock.  This is really helpful as I am a too lazy to type my security pin every time I want to use an app. IObit Applock- Fingerprint Lock is a superb Applock and I definitely recommend our readers to try out the IObit Applock- Fingerprint Lock if you own an Android Smartphone.




We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.