iPod Tips: Extend iPod Classic Battery Usage Time

My iPod Classic (6th Generation and 120GB memory) lasts around 20 hours of music playback even 3 years after I bought it! I follow some very simple steps to make sure I don’t run out of battery juice when travelling or simply away from my laptop for a while. Let’s take a look:

Reduce Screen Brightness to Minimum (0%)

Unless you are browsing Photos, watching a Movie/Video or reading an eBook, the screen brightness is really immaterial. In case 0% brightness is too low for you, go for a small non-zero value like 20%.


Reduce Backlight Active Time to 2-5 seconds

The Backlight too is useful only when you need to look at the screen for an extended period of time. When just playing music on your iPod Classic, all you need is a pair of earphones! So keep the backlight on for the period of time you usually require between successive clicks while selecting a song or playlist.


Switch Off the Clicker Option

The Clicker Option on your iPod Classic is to select whether or not you want to hear a Click sound when you use the touchpad buttons/scroll and click on the center button to navigate menus. Since it doesn’t really serve any functional purpose, it is better to turn off the Clicker.


Set A Suitable Volume Limit

Most iPod owners probably don’t play music at maximum volume. How about you? If you play want to music at or below say 70% of the maximum volume, set it on your iPod to reduce battery usage and avoid sudden spikes in volume due to accidental brushes on the iPod controls!

Home>Settings>Volume Limit

Create Custom Playlists On Your Computer Using iTunes

Do you only play a select few songs on your iPod or don’t care which album comes up next? Why not set up custom playlists to avoid having to go back to the Music menu every once in a while to select a song/album! Just go to iTunes on your computer, create a new playlist and add as many songs to it as you want! This will reduce the amount of work you do on your iPod itself!

Select a Playlist Using: Home>Music>Playlists>XYZ.

(XYZ is the name of the custom playlist you want to select)

Turn On Screen Lock Option

When you don’t need to access the iPod’s options/settings for a while, it is better to lock the screen using a simple password so that accidental brushes don’t activate the backlight or change some option!

Home>Screen Lock

These are all the iPod tips I have to share right now. How do you extend your iPod Classic’s battery life?

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