Is Apple Watch A Good Buy? Let’s Find Out

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Apple has always managed to produce high-quality phones that may at times offer a few quirks and irks for its users, but remains to be a favorite and a first choice in the mobile phone market. Aside from mobile phones, Apple is known for its line of computers and other mobile device and gadgets like its MAC books, iPad, Apple Touch devices, and the Apple Watch.

This smartwatch is one of Apple’s wearable technologies available in the market today. At first, it may have created an impression that wearable devices are just a gimmick and it is redundant, thanks to the release and continuous innovations that came with smartphones of today. But in the end, this wearable device proves to be a very useful device after all. Slowly but surely, wearable devices have become a trend that is about to become a necessity in the very near future.

Yes, the Apple smart watch is indeed the next big thing to hit the mobile device market. The gadget industry is becoming stronger and stronger by the day and by the rate that things are going, wearable technology is the future of the mobile industry.

Little do we notice that smartphones are slowly reaching their peak. It is growing but the growth is not as impressive as it was several years ago. The Apple smartwatch technology, for example, will make the Apple iPhone 6 Plus a thing of the past.


The REAL DEAL with the Apple Watch


The wrong impression that we usually have with this watch is that it is too small. The truth is, knowing that this gadget comes in the size of a casual watch, one will be surprised by how much this little piece of technology has to offer. The amount of useful stuff packed in this tiny mobile computer is far more than you can imagine.

Messaging, one of the common things we do with our mobile devices, becomes more intelligent and practical with this wearable watch technology. You’ll still use your laptops and mobile phones for long messaging, but for quick and instant messages via email, the Apple gadget proves to be a very handy device.

Phone calls are also handy, in contrast to earlier reviews that said it wasn’t good for taking phone calls. With a simple flick of your wrist and a press on the green answer button, you can instantly take a call. It may not have a battery life as big as the  iPhone and an earphone jack available for almost all smartphones, but for 5-minute quick conversations while you’re jogging along your favorite trail is just as easy as you imagined (while the iPhone stays securely tuck on your pocket).

You can practically drag your gadget anywhere, without the fear of leaving it behind unconsciously or accidentally dipping it in water. As for the price, you are definitely getting more for what you have bargained for. Check out the Apple watch price comparison via PricePanda to save up for this wonderful gadget.


Mobile Applications and More

The Apple wearable offers nothing less but convenience. All the things you can do with it can be done with a wrist-glance. Killer apps on your Apple Phone, again, are reachable with the tips of your fingers. The opportunities and the applications that come with the growth of the watch are also vast and exciting. Imagine what the future holds when it comes to messaging, fitness, medical, and corporate activities. Endless possibilities come with this (one of the) newest smartwatch in the market. The resources and ideas still remain to be discovered unlike smartphone applications which are starting to be exhausted.

Battery life can last up to two days (that’s even with constant use). Charging is also a breeze because you could simply slap it on the Apple’s magnetic charger and wait for a few minutes and you’re done. Yes, it is the fastest charging device available in the market today.

Size is also not an issue. It’s around 38mm to 42mm and it can be used more than you can actually think. The Photo Application, for example, is great and you can access the same photos in your watch just like your iCloud, OC or MacBook. Feeds and maps are also accessible on the screen, considering how small you imagine it is.

Wearable technology is here to stay. And the Apple smartwatch is just one of the exciting pieces of technology to grab today and to worship in the coming future.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.