Is Apple Watch A Good Buy? Let’s Find Out

Apple has always managed to produce high-quality phones that may at times offer a few quirks and irks for its users, but remains to be a favorite and a first choice in the mobile phone market. Aside from mobile phones, Apple is known for its line of computers and other mobile device and gadgets like its MAC books, iPad, Apple Touch devices, and the Apple Watch. This smartwatch is one of Apple’s wearable technologies available … Read more

Nintendo 3DS Rundown, In Retrospect: Is It Still Worth Your Coin?

The Nintendo 3DS is an aging product on the market, but it did offer enough new features to keep Nintendo handheld fans in tow. It’s worth noting there’s this push to consider Nintendo’s handheld on its own merits, especially in comparison to PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. It’s also keen to point out Nintendo did its part to establish the foundation of the handheld console market. Handheld gaming consoles deliver to expectations, especially with the … Read more

Microsoft Lumia 640: Feature-rich, Eye-candy Smartphone That’s Worth Every Measly Cent

The first time I saw the Microsoft Lumia 640 I couldn’t help but think “it’s eye candy” as it looks great and peppy, unlike all the other smartphones on the market which, I have to say, take the sophisticated sales pitch too seriously. I’ll have to think twice in using the Lumia 640 as a status statement, though; potential employers may think I’m too free-spirited to wield such a colourful smartphone during an interview. That … Read more