Is the OFM Essentials Cheap Gaming Chair Any Good?

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So many gamers and streamers are into the craze to get a racing style gaming chair which is more about the look and design rather than truly being ergonomic for the most part unless you have many hundreds of dollars and can afford a very high end brand like a SecretLab or DXRacer Tank series that will set you back over $400 easy and in some cases can be closer to $1000.  But I wanted to know what you get for your money when I saw a $100 racing style gaming chair on Amazon from OFM Essentials and this is my honest feedback after using this cheap gaming chair for a little more than a month of about 10 hours a day sitting time on it.

The chair does have a quick assembly process and it does have a decent feeling texture to the seat and armrests.  I found the black and white color pattern appealing and good for my room, but they have a bunch of color patterns to you can look at, the odd thing is the price variation widely varies depending on the color pattern you buy.  When I first sat in the chair it felt good, I had just come off a broken chair and it felt tight and comfortable, I didn’t really notice any issues or discomfort for the first few days of sitting about 10-12 hours per day on the chair working my day job and then streaming/blogging on the side.  However, after a few days I did start to notice at first a little pain/stitch in my back near my ribs and I didn’t think it was related to the chair until it started getting worse week after week, I noticed it would go away when sleeping and would be worse after sitting all day.

I really liked one major feature of this chair that is not common with racing chairs and that is how the armrests fold up so you can roll the chair to be snug and tight up against your desk to save space.   This was actually a feature I was looking for in a chair which is what led me to find the OFM Gaming Chair in the first place.  This feature is a 10 and I wish more gaming chairs had arms that can fold up like that.

Video Review of the OFM Gaming Chair

In Summary, as I mentioned in the video the overall the build quality was better than expected, the folding armrests were a nice plus and the built in lumbar cushion seemed to be a blessing. However since getting the gaming chair I have been suffering from pain in my back under my left wingbone and it appears to be related to the gaming chair cushion and may be keeping me at a bad posture while I work 8-10 hours a day. Other than the back pain the chair was relatively comfy and arm rests were cool, I liked the black and white pattern, so maybe this is just an issue with my own back not finding the chair comfortable.  I did wind up having to give this gaming chair to my 16 year old son who has no problems at all with it and I ended up getting a Alera Elusion ergonomic office chair instead and though it isn’t fancy looking my back pain went away and this chair was a better fit for me.  I am not sure other people would have the same odd back pain/sharp pain issue that I had in my side get worse after using this chair it could just be that my 40+ year old body is more sensitive to this kind of thing so this chair may or may not cause you issues.

I give the OFM Racing Style Gaming Chair a 6/10 stars for being pretty decent for the price if only they had some better options than the lumbar padded cushion.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.