Is the Sades R2 Gaming Headset any Good?

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A few times people ask me if the Sades R2 headset is any good in comparison to other gaming headset models and it was only recently that I finally got a pair to review and put to the test.  The Sades R2 is very similar in style to the A7 and A6 models in many ways, and most Sades models are just slight variations in cosmetic design but use the same essential speakers and microphone in different style packaging.

Bright LED light on the SADES R2 tells you mic is live!

Now you can find a Sades R2 model for consoles but this Sades R2 headset I reviewed is for the PC only and is a USB headset that does not work with PS4 or Xbox One, it only officially supports the Windows PC and the links in this article or to this specific model from a very specific store which sent them to me for review.  Because there are variations of this model that are for console, I can’t speak for the console version of the Sades R2 only the USB PC version of the headset.

This headset does support Virtual 7.1 surround sound and the internal chip which processes stereo sound to convert it to simulated surround sound does about as good a job as any other <$70 gaming headset that I have reviewed.  They are great for MMO games and games where hearing surround helps immerse you in game, but because of the audio processing someone who is a pro-FPS gamer should not rely on virtual surround sound if they truly want to play games like PUBG, CoD, Battlefield and other FPS games professionally where they need to be able to accurately hear footsteps or sound behind them without a delay that could mean the difference between reacting fast enough or not.

The earcups on the Sades R2 are among the most comfortable I have ever had on my head, this included beating out the much pricer (though wireless Arctis 7 Pro headset).  The foam cushion is soft and covers the entire ear and I was able to game for many hours at a time without any issue or heat problems like your ears sweating or feeling hot like with some headsets that trap the ear too much.

The headband design is excellent as well providing enough stretch and comfort to accommodate most head sizes, I think it does a better job with larger heads than with smaller, but even my 15 year old could wear this headset for hours on end without any issues.  The microphone wand which can retract all the way in when not in use is functional and the microphone quality is excellent just see the video review and listen to the microphone quality yourself in the video below.

How Does the Microphone Sound on the Sades R2 Gaming Headset?

I am going to say up front that for the price this is among the best USB gaming headsets I have ever reviewed and in fact I like the mic and sound better than headsets costing much more for my Windows 10 PC.  But, if there is one Achilles heel of the product, it would be the placement of the control box.

The control box is fully functional and has a volume up, down, audio mute and mic mute buttons.  But the location down the cord and the placement of the control box means that it will either rest on your desk, or hang low enough that the buttons are at risk of being hit accidentally by your arm and I frequently found myself lowering the volume or increasing it when I wasn’t meaning to when moving my arms back and forth between activities while wearing it.

Despite this limitation for $39.99 this is probably my favorite gaming headset for the PC for the cost and the quality of the sound and microphone make it an excellent choice.  Only headsets costing twice as much or more sounded better to me, and I have yet to test a headset with a more clear mic though of course a dedicated USB mic like the Yeti Blue sounds better but that is a dedicated full desktop sized mic.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.