ITechor Sports Bluetooth Earbud Review

So I received the ITechor Wireless Sports Bluetooth earbuds and used them exclusively for about 10 days so that I can build an impression and accurate review for readers.  They come packaged in the box looking like this, all neatly fitted together and held magnetically.

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Watch the Video Review or you can read further for full written review.

Now like most Bluetooth Earbuds, the ITechor has a control box that hangs off the right earbud which includes your Bluetooth pairing button / power button and your volume button.  It also has a small hole for the microphone which is fairly powerful at picking up your voice as it hangs near your jaw well, or at least my jaw.


The earbuds are comfortable and the ITechor earbuds insert in the ear just fine, they have a few adjustments and replacement buds but curiously there is no earhook or buds with extra hooks on the back to help lodge them into place in the earlobe.WIN_20160226_11_19_39_Pro WIN_20160226_11_19_42_Pro WIN_20160226_11_20_08_Pro

The magnetic ends let you simply close the loop on the earbuds and they kind of hang around your neck like a necklace, this makes it easy to take them out and they just stay put around your neck until you need to set them down later.

I found that the sound quality on these earbuds was excellent compared to other Earbuds I have reviewed, the sound was crisp and the bass was deep and listening to everything from Metallica to Moby I found these earbuds to sound great.  Where the earbuds had some trouble for me was that they are called Sports Earbuds, which I take it means I can do physical activities when wearing them.  Well I was doing jogging and running and when having head movements where my head bounced up and down, or side to side, I found these earbuds would eventually slip and fall out of my ear time and time again no matter which set of ear pieces I used and no matter how deep I snugly shoved them in my ear canal.

Earhooks or those little extensions which let the earbud use the earlobe to help hold them in place would have been an improvement I think in this area, and though they don’t work tremendously well for when I go running, I thought the sound quality out of these earbuds was better than several over the ear Bluetooth headsets I have so the sound quality was really good.  If you are sitting still or walking I don’t see an issue, or maybe it was just my ear canals that cause these to slip out, either way they are worth looking at I think.

Disclaimer: ITechor sent me their Sports Bluetooth Earbuds so I could do a thorough and accurate review. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.


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