Journey Releases a Week Early for Playstation Plus Subscribers

Are you a fellow traveler who has patiently trekked through each update on Thatgamecompany’s Journey PSN game and can no longer take the arduous wait?  According to the official Playstation Blog the wait will finally be over for North American Playstation Plus subscribers March 6 and March 7 for European customers.  If you obtain Journey with your Playstation Plus membership you will also get the added bonus of a dynamic XMB theme that is coming packaged with pre-orders of the game.  Regular PSN members can expect to see Journey hit the virtual store shelves around March 14 in North America and March 15 for Europe.

Journey is not a particularly long offering and several sources confirm that it runs 2-2.5 hours in length.  Trailers for the game however have teased an immersive visual tapestry.  This isn’t a game that appears to be one that you want to drink in once.  Released screens from the game harken to famous Japanese Sumi paintings – beautiful in their simplicity and deceiving in their sparse detail – it would take a brave soul to call any Thatgamecompany release aesthetically unpleasing.

A curious addition that will come with the Journey experience is a modified multiplayer component.  It is unclear of the full extent of how other players could co-op and aid you in your travels.  So far all that is for certain is that you will not know the identity of companions you meet on your quest and you will only be able to communicate through “echoing shout” (read more details on Journey’s multiplayer features here).  I can see this working in parallel with the kind of emotes and voice cues that are in Portal 2’s multiplayer.

So if you’re interested in embarking on your quest early, then you might want to get your hands on a Network Card by March 6.  If you’re not ready to take the plunge – no worries friend – you can expect to see our thoughts on the game later this week.

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