Just Cause 3 New Gameplay Trailer Looks Fantastic

Last year Just Cause 3 was a rumor but soon Square Enix confirmed the game, and the announcement wan appreciated by waiting fans. With news and gameplay trailers every now and then, Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have finally given the final date that is December 1st 2015. This pretty much satisfies the gamers with the game offering much more than its predecessor.

About The Game

The main protagonist of the game is Rico Rodriguez who has played the protagonist role in the previous editions. The whole story takes place in the Mediterranean Island of Medici which actually has been confirmed as Rico’s native land.
The story of the game revolves around the struggle of Rico to set free his land from the antagonist, General Di Ravello. The games has 400 sq.miles of land and sea to be discovered by players.


The latest trailer at E3 showed extensive grappling techniques. The commentary along with the trailer said that the grappling hook had been significantly improved as compared to the previous versions and now you can possibly grapple anything and even use it as a weapon. You can also grapple multiple things and tie them together to bring them down. The game features more chaotic environment and improved graphics like for instance, the textures of the smoke and fire. The game also has a new Wingsuit which when combined with a weapon gives the ‘best air-shooting experience’ according to the trailer.


The online version of the game will be based on who causes more destruction to level up quicker to improve the abilities of Rico. Apart from all this the online version will also feature car racing and assassination missions, which by leveling up can become more difficult.
The game somehow reminds me of IGI 1 and 2 which revolves around a single agency guy taking out hordes of enemies and saving the world, a cliche, but the execution definitely matters.

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