Do You Know the Top Video Game Moguls?

The Video Game industry is in the big leagues as far as entertainment.  With some of the latest AAA titles costing more than Hollywood movies a video game’s success can make or break a company if their primary franchise busts.   On the other hand, if a franchise or game takes off and becomes a smash success it can create wealth for the creator and company as well as in many cases lead to new game companies or divisions even being created. It doesn’t matter if it is PC Gaming, Console Gaming or Mobile Gaming, video gaming in general is going to be a permanent medium in people’s lives and with e-Sports becoming big time as well and competitors in teams and leagues for games like Overwatch, DOTA 2, League of Legends making 6 or 7 figures you will see gaming even become an even more dominant player in the sports community next.

Here is an infographic showing the upper echelon in terms of wealth in the gaming community, and a little bit of information about them.


Video Game Moguls
Video Game Moguls by ABC FINANCE LTD.

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