Laptops Specs: Ways to find Cheap laptops

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One of the things students need to consider every time they buy something is their budget. As much as possible, they need to buy the cheapest items, including essentials gadgets for college students. The laptops are useful for research and document editing while in college. They may also use it to research the best essay writing service online, or essay writing company, or those that provide customer service in the UK. Buying laptops for college students, juniors have to consider the unit’s price. Though cheap, they must check on its specifications and make sure it can meet their requirement. Some may buy second hand to make sure they get the essential specs on a cheaper cost. Another look for smaller ones is enough to help them with documents editing and research.

Here are a few ways you may check in buying a cheap laptop.

1. Invest

A laptop is a good investment, so if possible, find ways to buy the right notebook with the appropriate specs. The unit with the excellent processors, good RAM, and nice features may be used even when you graduate and may last longer. But if you need one right away and you are on a tight budget, try to buy something good, and be smart in selecting. One way to do that is to list down the specifications that are important and necessary for you to do the college student tasks. Then rank it according to your necessity. Once you have come up with the final list, jot down the brands and models that contain the technical specs on your list. Know their prices and get the ones that fit your budget. You can then head to the store for you to check the actual appearance.

You can however get a bare bones Windows laptop for under $200 if you look at sales online and willing to make compromises on just about everything.

Example the Asus Vivobook E203MA is only $158.99 but only has 32GB eMMC flash storage and 2GB DDR3 RAM, but at the price it makes for a good laptop for Microsoft Office applications and basic Internet/school work.

2. Try to find the cleanest version of windows

It isn’t easy to find gaming laptops under $300 but if you do watch out for installed unnecessary bloatware. You can buy from trusted sellers and get the ones with clean windows. This is to ensure that you will get a few redundant programs hogging your computer space.

3. Consider a Chromebook

Chromebook is cheaper compared to Macbook or windows. This is enough if you only use it for streaming, web browsing and documents viewing and editing. The operating system of these units is Chrome, thus the name. It can serve you well in your college life at a lower cost. Since Google is one of the companies who are competent in developing applications and other technical stuff, you can assure that this unit can run fast.

The Samsung Chromebook is a fantastic option for just around $208 and it has 4GB RAM, 32GB Storage and a MicroSD card slot for more storage, but with it running ChromeOS you can forget about having a true offline OS and applications like you can with Windows.

4. Study the limitations

Buying cheap gadgets would mean setting your expectations appropriately. There can be tasks that your unit cant perform. Cheap laptops are about compromise. Most of the low-cost units don’t have a good design. To stay on the budget, they have to explore on really cheap laptops. They have to know where to find cheap laptops and the best laptops for college at a cheaper cost. Though inexpensive, it might still be on best and top quality. They are also not lightweight so expect it to be heavier when you carry it around the school. It might not be as fast as the ones with a higher and latest processors. If it’s small, it can be too small like a netbook which has 9 inches screen. If you need the bigger ones, you can usually get 14 to 15 inches screen.

5. Consider the Specs

The low-cost laptops usually have a screen resolution of 1366 x 768. It might be harder to fit on multiple windows. However, if you are patient enough to go from one store to another, you may find models with 1080p. Also, if possible, get the one that has an IPS display. The screen may generally look colourful and easier to read. If none, you can search for those with matte or glossy panels because they can hold up better in sunlight. It would be helpful if you work on your papers outside. Don’t expect to find a touch screen cheap laptops. Stick to the ones without it.

As for the internal part of the unit, as much as possible aim for the one with Intel Core i5 processor. It can be enough for you to perform the task you need. If you can’t find a cheap one with Intel Core i-gen laptop, you can settle for Pentium. For the storage, 500GB is excellent and if you can go higher, the better. The battery is one thing that you also need to check. Since you work mostly outside your home, you have to select the one with the highest battery life. You don’t want to run out of battery in the when you are in the middle of making your paper works with a lot of ideas to write.

6. Don’t forget to research

One of the things that you need to remember is to do your research about the things you want to buy. Think very carefully which item to buy if you are on a tight budget. This will make sure you get the appropriate unit for you to use. Never take the crucial details for granted. Research won’t only mean to search online. You may go to the electronic or gadgets store and check their demo units. You can also get advice from friends you are knowledgeable about laptops and their technical details.

It is hard to decide on what laptop you need to buy, and the tight budget makes it harder because you have to get the lowest priced item but with the relevant specs. There can be a lot of things that you need to consider. Get a friend to help you as you go around stores checking and comparing brands and models. Do not rush on deciding which to buy. Right decisions don’t have to take overnight. Allow a few days and take your time.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.