Apollo Box Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

So this is a review unit, that I have decided to run as a giveaway for the fans, and best of all I will pay for the shipping costs (If you live US), so you just have to enter, share and if you win I will ship you the prize!  If you live International you will be responsible for shipping costs (sorry can’t front that much shipping).  This levitating Bluetooth Speaker is a fun little geeky gadget to have and provides room-filling sound.  It hovers using magnets to hold it floating above the base and rotates while it cranks out the tunes, it also functions as a Bluetooth Speakerphone too.

We did a full review of the Apollo Box Levitating Bluetooth Speaker and visiting the review link will be one of the giveaway entries.   This product retails at $149 and makes for a great geeky gift for those who want a Bluetooth speaker that can wow their friends.

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Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Orb Giveaway

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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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