LG Unveiled a New Extremely Thin OLED Panel

LG Display is already a leader in manufacturing thin high quality panels. A lot of major companies use these panels in their devices, a popular one being LG Electronics. So the big South Korean flat panel maker, LG Display, unveiled an Organic Light Emitting Diode panel on May 19th. This is a detachable panel which sticks to the wall.


The panel is measured to weigh 1.9 kg and is only 0.97 mm thick. For comparison LG’s current flagship, a 55-inch OLED panel, is 4.3 mm thick. You could literally stack 25 of these new panels as sheets of paper and still be shy of an inch. That is really impressive.

LG has been trying to push OLED panels because these allow for far more slimmer televisions and display units because they themselves emit light instead of having a light source behind them, like in traditional LCDs. Currently we do not know which clients LG Display Co. is going to sell these panels to, except for LG Electronics.


However. OLED displays have their problems too. For one, don’t expect this to be cheap. Secondly, OLED displays still suffer from burn-ins (some, not all) and they still have low lifespan issues. For example, if you leave an OLED display running 24 hours a day, then after about 5 years you’d be left with a sheet of screen. If you use your TV for about 6 hours a day then you’re looking at 20+ years however.

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