Axxbiz Lightning Cable with LED Indicator Lights

The Axxbiz Lightning Cable is a neat little cable that has 4 LED indicator lights at the plug head which tell you that your phone is charging and give you a quick look at how much battery is actually in your phone.  The fact that the LED lights on the cable give you a general indication of the charge level of your phone is pretty neat because in the dark or a dimly lit room you can clearly see from a few feet away how much charge is left on your phone.

Lightning-cable (1) Lightning-cable (2) Lightning-cable (3) Lightning-cable (4)

It stays lit at 4 LED lights when your phone is fully charged and the cable delivered all voltage properly when tested with the DROK USB Multimeter that I use to test all USB cables and chargers.  I honestly couldn’t say anything else about this cable other than it is crimp resistant, it is a decent length and makes the perfect cable to use in your bedroom at your end table where at night you may want to make sure your phone is charging and use the ambient glow of the LED lights on the lightning cable to act like a mini nightlight in your room at the same time.

The only minor note is that with the Otterbox Defender case the rubber bumper sticks out far enough that it blocks 1 of the 4 USB LED indicator lights so you really can’t see that 4th light with this particular case, which is no big deal to me as I use the LED indicators more to indicate that it is charging rather than how much charge is left in the phone itself.

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