Soonhua Ultra Slim External Battery Review

Power Banks are a dime a dozen so it takes something a bit extra for me to pick up power bank reviews lately and the Soonhua had enough differences and some unique features that merited a review here on  First what you get is a 12,000mAh power bank that includes a felt sleeve, a USB LED light, a microUSB cable for charging it or devices.  The mini LED light was a nice little bonus that comes with it if you travel with it and want a little light on an airplane or in a hotel room without turning on a whole room light.

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It is very slim, about as slim as an iPhone 5S and much slimmer than mine with the Otterbox Defender case on it that is for sure.

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The felt sleeve is really nice for to keep it from scratching anything while stuffed in a bag, but it doesn’t fit much else besides the power bank.

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The power bank has a battery life indicator as almost all of them do, and charges via MicroUSB in the clearly marked IN port.  The Soonhua ultra slim power bank can charge 2 devices at a time but it is limited in having a specific 1.0A output port and a 2.1A output port, what you would really want is smart ports with up to 2.4A output capacity so this was a bit of a negative and something they should improve upon.

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The 2.1A port though charges tablets quickly and without issue, I actually used it to charge most gadgets only charging my phone with the 1.0A output port which will not charge as quickly with that port as the 2.1A output port, the battery charges a bit slower than A/C outlet chargers when using my DROK USB Multimeter to test, but this is because it doesn’t have intelligent ports to detect and output max power the input device can draw, it is only a difference of a few minutes so not a big issue there.

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The device is ultra slim, as mentioned it is a slim as a smartphone without a case, this means it slides into a pack with ease and it’s slim design is one of it’s best features making it very portable though too big to fit in a pocket it fits in a bag with ease without being obtrusive.

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The little LED light that comes with it was a very nice touch, this is the only battery I have reviewed that came with an LED USB light attachment and this is a pretty decent feature if you find yourself in need of a light for reading in the dark.  Again, I picture this when you are on a plane or in a hotel room or just want a little reading light though it is surprisingly bright for a USB LED light. The price however is very good for what it comes with and at just around $15 this is a power bank I can easily recommend.

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