Lightroom Whiten Teeth Tutorial

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To make teeth look really white is among the most important aims while retouching primarily portraits images. You can make it online, having used any free photo editor BUT only if you have a low-resolution image. If you need a Hollywood smile on the photo for advertising, wedding albums or posters, you should make it in Lightroom or Photoshop on your own or address online photo editing services like FixThePhoto or Weedit.Photos.

The easiest way to understand how to make teeth white in Lightroom. Our simple instructions will be valuable for everyone.

5 Simple Steps of Whitening Teeth in Lightroom

Step 1. The Adjustment Brush is a brilliant tool if you need to get rid of yellowness on the teeth and improve their look. Even beginners can easily find it in the toolbar. For more effective work, use Short-cut “K”.


Step 2. Then, you should configure the brush. Although it is the built-in tool, you must choose the proper adjustments. For the perfect result you should set the indicators in such a way:

Contrast 0, Exposure +0,27, Whites 0, Temp -26, and Saturation -66.


Step 3. The size of the brush is not less important if you wish to achieve the perfect result. Naturally, you will do the work faster if you take a larger tool, but the quality will not be the highest. Therefore, we recommend using a small diameter brush. The work will be done slowly but the result is worth it.


Step 4. Applying the Auto Mask is another effective and quick method of whitening teeth in Lightroom. This tool is simple enough to use but you still must learn some tricks for doing everything properly. The basic feature of this tool is that it uses the edges of the object as a border. It allows you to perform a quality color correction. If you have to edit photos without clear boundaries, you should choose another method for whitening. When improving the uneven teeth, select the Brush Tool and perform all the actions manually.


Step 5. Finally, you get white teeth by moving the brush over them. The areas you touch with the tool will be improved. The process of Lightroom whiten teeth should be attentively controlled. You must change the color intensity or cancel the actions that you think are wrong.

How to Get Naturally White Teeth in Lightroom?

Among the essential tasks of teeth whitening is to achieve the natural, balanced, and white color. If you do not whiten teeth enough, they will remain gray or yellow and you will get an unpleasant shot. On the contrary, with excessive whitening, the teeth will acquire an artificial tint and will draw too much attention. That’s why you need to learn how to properly adjust the balance when you whiten teeth in picture. Remember that teeth should not look dull and lifeless. However, the unnatural glow will also give them an artificial look. Adding a little ivory shade or leaving some yellowish tones, you will create a wonderful smile.

While editing group photos, you need to enhance each person’s smile separately. When applying the filter, the kind of smiles can change a lot and the image will lose its harmony. Some people’s faces will look dull and others will sparkle. As a result, your customers will be satisfied with your services and will leave good comments about you.

Use Brushes for Lightroom Whiten Teeth

Sometimes the process of editing portraits can become quite boring and tedious for a photographer. You have to perform the same operations repeatedly. To make this work more exciting and interesting, create your own Lightroom brushes that will help you whiten teeth quicker and not repeat the same actions again and again.

Useful Beauty Tricks in Addition to Teeth Whitening

Besides whitening teeth in Lightroom, you can also adjust the color of the skin, emphasize eyes and improve other areas of the face. To get a brilliant image that you can confidently use for your portfolio, you need to follow photoshopping portrait tips .

Make Color Improvement

Remove stains on the skin

In the photos, there may be various skin defects, which you need to eliminate. They are moles, freckles, pimples, scars, etc. The perfect tool for these purposes is the special brush which you can select from the trimming tool (it is on the right side). To copy a specific area, select the “Clone” function. It also helps blend colors properly. When using the “Heal” tool, the pixels near the pointed area are merged with it. Such actions will help you eliminate flaws on the face while retaining the natural look of the image.

To improve the look of the skin in the photo, take the Skin softening tool. While using this tool, be very careful. Too softened skin tone looks rather unnatural.

Emphasize Eyes


The Sharpen Eyes function is a real helping-hand for accentuating the eyes and drawing attention to them. This will make the whole image more vivid. By changing the indicators of sharpness and adjusting the brush, this part of the face will become more expressive. Dodge & Burn is usually applied if the eyes need to be whitened. Just like when you do Lightroom whiten teeth, it is important to take a smaller brush.

Enhance Lips

Sometimes after a general color enhancement, the lips lose their appeal. Improve their color using Adjustment Brush. Another important secret: check various values of the “Temp” and “Tint” indicators to get the necessary color.

Retouch Hair

Photographers consider work with the hair to be one of the most difficult stages of portrait post processing. To correct small spots and flaws on the hair, you can apply the Adjustment option. “Playing” with the Exposure option you can give the hair volume or add some details. Although for more serious manipulations, the Photoshop software is usually used.

Edit Moustache and Beard

To improve the overall appearance of the face without going into complex photo post processing actions, you can use the Saturation settings. This will help improve the color of the mustache and beard and will not take much time similar to Lightroom whiten teeth.

Correct Makeup

Using the various functions of LR for editing photographs, you can even add the professional makeup after shooting. Think about the blush, eyeliner or eyeshadow you want to have and draw them with a brush. Use the right colors and work on the transparency.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.