LISEN Cell Phone Tablet Stand Giveaway

Ainope Online the parent brand for LISEN has partnered with Dragon Blogger and GiveawayContests to offer up a Cell Phone / Tablet Stand to giveaway to one lucky fan/reader!

The biggest selling points for this phone stand which can sit on your desk or a counter is the weighted base and aluminum alloy rod which makes it have a low center of gravity which makes it very stable and unlikely to be accidentally knocked over by a rogue tap or brush of your arm.  This phone stand supports all major phone and mini tablet models though is billed as ideal for 8″ or less dimension on a tablet.  Can put a 10″ tablet on it, but it isn’t designed for it and my not be optimal.  This will support iPhone 11 down to iPhone 8 models, Samsung S10 and lower, and Google Pixel model smartphones with ease.

This stand height can be adjusted between 7.1 and 8.5 inches, with a total 1.4″ adjustable range.  The angle also is adjustable from 5 degree to 85 degree angle giving you the best viewing angle to improve posutre and reduce neck and back strain.  Recommendations are to lower the tablet stand and angle to support larger tablets and give more stability to the stand.  It also supports 360 degree rotation and horizontal or vertical support.

The pad back has an anti-split silicone design to prevent any scratches or scuff marks from appearing on your phone or tablet while it rests in the stand.  They even have a charging hole to place a cable through and easily charge your device without tangling issues.  The stand is designed to not cover the screen so you won’t block any movie subtitles while you watch a show or movie on your phone while it is in the stand either.

So Enter For Your Chance to Win

Note, this giveaway is only for USA Residents, as the brand can only ship the prize for a USA address.  If you do enter from International you must provide a USA address to receive the prize to be eligible to win.  There is no prize substitutions.

LISEN Cell Phone Tablet Stand Giveaway

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